2 ways to get a break in your busy day


How to find a break in today’s busy life

When your life is so busy that you are in a state of tension all the time, there is something wrong with that. Especially if you don’t even realize you are tense, that’s an even bigger problem.  Most of us have so many obligations – a lot going on at work, family issues, maybe health issues, and to top it all off, trying to maintain healthy friendships or get exercise into our lives!

At work, I talk to so many people who say “I’m too busy to ever take a break. I know I should, but there’s so much to do.”  I feel saddened when I hear this is someone’s general state of being, because we all logically know that such behaviour isn’t healthy for our minds or bodies.

I’ve been there, and done that. And I think inevitably this behavior contributed to my cancer in 2010. Even if it didn’t, I sure wasn’t dealing with my busy life very well.  And yes, some days are still like that for me. But I’ve found ways to deal with that, and I share these through my blog.

There are very simple ways to find mini-escapes from this busy life that are free and easy.  Mindfulness practices can be built into your busy life and used as often as you can remember throughout your day.  These sweet moments let you momentarily step away from your busy state of being.

Here are a 2 mindfulness practices I share with my meditation students.  With intention and 100% attention, give yourself these mini-breaks:

  • Breathe.  This is the absolute easiest and quickest way to find a moment of calm and be ‘on your own’ even if you are amongst other people. Simply turn your attention inwards and pay attention to your breathing.  Feel your body breathe, feel your chest and abdomen move. Notice how your breath gives you life. You can do this even during a meeting; you don’t have to carve out time to do this.
  • Mindful walking.  Even if you’re anxious or stressed, simply pay attention to your body as you walk through the hallways of your office, walk to the busstop, or scurry into a grocery store. Feel how your weight shifts from foot to foot, and your mucles do their jobs to keep you moving. Read how to do a walking meditation.

Please give these a try, a real try.  If you like doing these, perhaps place an object on your desk or somewhere in your home that helps remind you to do this.

Using these extremely simple techniques can help you get grounded and centred, and give you a mini-escape from a busy day.

I wish you find more calm and peace, no matter what’s going on in your life.




2 thoughts on “2 ways to get a break in your busy day

  1. Great ideas. The reason most people don’t have time for these simple routines is that they are too busy doing what does not need to be done!

    • Hi Arun, the great thing is that these 2 tips don’t take any time at all. So the ‘too busy’ excuse just doesn’t work anymore 🙂

      Have a great day,

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