Top 3 meditator stories – August 2014

buddha with succulents

Each meditation session can be unique

If I could share all the meaningful stories with you from people who tell me how meditation and mindfulness is impacting their lives, I would!  Here are the top 3 for this month:

#1. From a lawyer:

I started a mindfulness program a few months ago and it’s opened up a new world for me. I can handle the stress of my job much better. I wish all lawyers would take up this practice!

#2. From an actuary:

I meditate 15 minutes per day now and it really makes a big difference in my life. I’ve started to teach my 7 year old daughter a simple breath meditation to settle her down when she’s hyper and can’t sleep. It’s working great.

#3. From a student in my meditation class:

I’m starting to notice that when I’m meditating, it’s almost like I’m observing myself meditate. When I do the ‘Letting Go’ meditation, I am seeing the tension of the emotion release through my breath. There is a calmness that comes with observing myself. How interesting!

I remind my students that every meditation session is unique, so it’s best not to have any expectations of your practice.  As you cultivate a meditation practice, observe yourself, and you may start to notice changes in your experience.

Have a lovely day,




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