Facing my fear of guns

Shooting a gun

Taking my first shots

Violence and guns. An aversion I will always have.  When I unexpectedly saw a gun sitting in its case at a friend’s house, I noticed how strong my reaction was.  I had never seen a gun in person before.  My friend explained that he has the licensed gun for hunting, and belongs to a gun shooting range.

It got me thinking … maybe I should face this aversion and it would help conquer my fear of guns if I experienced shooting one.  Well, low and behold, one of those irresistible coupons arrived in my inbox to go to DVC Indoor shooting range.

DVC shooting range

DVC’s reception area with selection of guns in the case

As I walked into the reception area, I heard the gun shots, and anxiety set in. Bang, bang, bang, and BOOM!

The briefing did a very good job showing us the safety rules and how to load the gun and shoot. The staff were very professional, friendly and extremely safety conscious.

my target

I only missed once!

My heart was pounding as I picked up the 9mm handgun for the first time. I felt like I had forgotten everything they taught me. I was able to calm myself somewhat with steady, mindful breathing.  I guess I did OK, and you can see the result in the photo of the target. I shot 50 rounds, which is 50 bullets.

The only incident was pretty funny but could have been a terrible disaster had it not been for the keen staff member who carefully watched over me.  One of the bullet shells had flipped up into the air, and traveled right down my top!  Those shells are super hot, and I jumped and shrieked!  In one quick motion, the staff member had grabbed my gun and pulled out the magazine to disengage it, while I finished my little freakout dance to get the bullet out of my top.  Good thing, as I would have flailed that gun around without thinking!

So, the end result is I feel better having some familiarity with guns.  I’m not quite as fearful but I certainly still have an aversion to them.

I definitely was practicing mindfulness through most of this experience.  Noticing my reactions, concentrating on the present moment, and breathing slowly to calm myself down.

However, I’m glad that it’s over!

Wishing you a wonderful day,



8 thoughts on “Facing my fear of guns

  1. Ahh it made my heart so happy to see your new name!! Look at you Wendy- Living your dreams and continuing to challenge yourself. I too have aversion to guns and have gone to a gun range. I am happy I did it but it will not be something I will do again!

    • Hi Marjolaine! We have a sisterhood of gun aversion then 🙂

      Yes, I do feel like I’m living my dream – it least I’m living my purpose. Thank you so much. Your encouragement is always uplifting. 🙂


  2. An interesting reaction, it surprised me, I always feel a lot of energy flowing whenever I pick up a gun, I always thought that was why there were so many guns.

  3. great going Wendy. I get also freaked when I see guns, though that was not the case couple of years ago, but not anymore – toy that I do not when I should need it. as long as it stays for fun in life good, beyond that can not say.

    you did great with courage and had fun – enjoy long week-end with family and friends. thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Sudhir! thank you. I appreciate the support. This is quite an aversion I have. I can’t even watch a movie if it’s too violent.

      Wishing you all the best,

  4. Congrats for facing a fear. Many people would not be willing to do that. I hope you continue your familiarization with firearms; it increases your safety the more that you know about them. Learning how to load, unload, make one safe etc is something that everyone needs to know.

    I can relate to your comment:
    Noticing my reactions, concentrating on the present moment, and breathing slowly to calm myself down.

    When my wife was going through chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer, I would take an hour or so for myself at the range. Focusing on the fundamentals left little room for other thoughts. There is something zen about trying to put another round through the same hole. I called it “recoil therapy” — and have found many others report the same thing.

    Welcome to the gunny community; it is a great place filled with awesome people.

    Bob S.

    • Hello Bob S,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the more I know about firearms, the more it will probably decrease my fear. It was rather fun, actually, once I got past the first 2 rounds.

      I appreciate hearing your story about how you went shooting while your wife was going through her treatment. That helps me, actually, to realize that maybe I could do the same when I’m facing stressful times in life. It certainly is a very ‘in-the-moment’ activity.

      Thank you so much!

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