Dealing with the stress of success

Are you noticing and handling your success well?We all want be successful.  If we allow ourselves to be absorbed into societal norms, we may define success as having a great job, living in a great place, driving a cool car, etc. Or, we may be comfortable with our own definition of success which may be being alive, healthy and present, and being grateful for all the beautiful things in our lives.

My definition of success is the same as my life’s purpose:  To make a positive difference in people’s lives as much as I can, in my own, quiet way.  In 2011, clarity about how I was going to do this finally came into my life when I started to teach meditation and mindfulness to people, especially in the workplace environment.

Since 2011, I’ve held a strong belief in myself that I could help many people through teaching meditation, despite the obstacles I have encountered along the way.  Today, my dreams are being fulfilled as people and companies easily come across my path and ask me to teach them meditation and mindfulness.

But now I find myself challenged by the stress of success.  This stress is juggling the volume of teaching requests, along with my other life’s responsibilities and ensuring I care for my health to avoid cancer recurrence.

This ‘problem’ may seem ridiculous, because most people don’t realize that when they are ‘successful’. Most of us continue to want and want, and do not take stock of what they have right now, in this moment.

I have noticed I’ve been allowing the stress to get to me, so I have made a conscious decision to enjoy what I’m experiencing right now. I will use this recognized stress to honour what I have.  After all, ‘stress’ is our response to something happening. We can change our response.  This is a work in progress for me, and I will go in and out of stress, but what a journey this is!




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