4 ways to relax in your busy world

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Find relaxation, peace and space in your life.

You are so busy. You are always running around. You don’t feel a sense of having ‘space’ in your life. In fact, what does having ‘space’ feel like when you are too busy to even think sometimes?

Some people choose to be busy, and some people have a myriad of obligations that they cannot control. Whatever the case may be, here are some easy ways to find that serene sense of space within your busy life. It’s about taking mini ‘time outs’ from your busy day and creating a sense of being centered and grounded.  It’s about noticing the present moment so life doesn’t just pass you by, so one day doesn’t just blend into the next.

4 easy ways to create space in your day:

  1. Just breathe. This is probably the #1 easiest and quickest way to get centered.  Simply bring your mind’s focus to your breath, to your breathing.  Even if this is for 4 breaths, this can instantly relax you. Feel your breathing, feel how your body moves when it breathes. Take slower, deeper breaths.
  2. Disconnect from technology. You know how you can be on your computer or your cell phone, and before you know it, hours have passed by. Take an intentional break from technology – turn off your cell phone and stay away from your computer, even for a partial day, or create a daily ‘black-out’ period to help you help yourself. When you first do this, observe if you have any uncomfortable feelings – if you do, simply observe that and seek a feeling of being released from your attachment to technology.
  3. Stop over-thinking.  Our ‘monkey mind’ never stops. That’s the human way, and thank goodness for that! But when you observe your thinking, you will see how much you might be over-thinking things, which usually isn’t very functional and just increases your stress.  So catch yourself when you are over-thinking a subject, and simply change your thoughts to something else.  Saying silently to yourself “Stop” or “Change” can be very helpful.
  4. Meditate.  And yes, of course I am going to put meditation on this list.  Taking the time to meditate is a beautiful lifestyle practice. Those of you who already do it, know what I’m talking about. Those of you who have not yet tried meditation are in for a wonderful and curious ride, and I encourage you to take classes to learn meditation.

Please give some or all of these a try.  Creating more relaxation in your life will cultivate more joy in your life.




2 thoughts on “4 ways to relax in your busy world

  1. Thank you for this Wendy. I have been feeling lately that I spend too much time with technology. I am going to look for better ways to disconnect – including a blackout period each day. Great reminder that we have the choice to control technology and not allow it to control us. Happy Canada Day to you.

    • Hi Elanna!
      Wonderful to hear from you. I have to admit that I spend too much time on technology too. Hours will fly by and I wonder where the evening goes. I’m working on having blackout periods too.

      Happy Canada Day to you as well! I love summer. Enjoy your day celebrating living in this beautiful country.

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