Honouring a departed friend

3 types of friendsI just heard that someone I used to work with was found suddenly passed away inside his home. He lived alone. He was someone who chose to live his life in a way that others found odd – somewhat of a recluse, he appeared to others as a little quirky and not interested in typical societal interactions.

I hadn’t seen Anthony for a number of years, and it has been 14 years since I used to sit beside him every day, and had created a friendship because I understood his unique, quirky ways.  When I left the company we were working with, he gave me a gift that showed he cared, a stunning crystal dragon, and said “I’m truly going to miss you.”

His death sparks many memories, and brings back the feelings of friendship and caring.  We hardly kept in touch after I left the company, but this is one of those cases where someone had touched my life in a meaningful way. I celebrate his uniqueness. I celebrate his courage to be different.

My blog is about ‘cultivating joy in a western society lifestyle’ and creating a meaningful life.  It’s the people that we enjoy and learn from that make us who we are today.  I will remember my dear friend, Anthony, as he departs from this life with love, laughter and light.





4 thoughts on “Honouring a departed friend

  1. I live by the words you posted about friendship. As we journey through life people come upon our path and there may be just a reason or lesson we must take from that sometimes brief encounter, then there are those Summer friendships we have all had, the kid we met at camp or the instructor of the club we joined during the summer month’s or the seasonal friend and then there is the ones that are the greatest gifts that you will have for your entire life. This is the most complicated and yet the most natural a kindred spirit and an challenger all wrapped up in one. I was told once that if you leave this world having just one lifetime friend you have lived a rich life, I will leave this world very wealthy in deed. Thank you Master for your wonderful posts.

    • Hi Grasshopper,

      I like the reference you made to the ‘summer friendships’ because we’ve all had them and sometimes we wonder why they don’t last, but maybe they don’t need to.

      Wonderful that you are already wealthy!

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