Can you think yourself to death?

The Thinker

What kinds of thoughts are you chronically having?

How much do our thoughts create our experience of life?  The answer is ‘a lot’, if not ‘completely’.

If you believe that your mind and your thoughts influence not only your experience of life, do you also think your thoughts can affect the environment of your body?

My belief is that chronic thoughts – thoughts that recur over and over again which basically becomes your state of being do affect the body physiologically. Have you ever worried so much that you get a stomach ache, a head ache or you physically feel ill?

In Dr. Joe Dispenza’s new book ‘You are the Placebo’, there is a really interesting real life story of a man who was told by his doctors that he will soon die of cancer of his esophagus and liver. The man died as ‘predicted’, but during the autopsy it was discovered that the cancer was too small to have killed him. He didn’t die of the cancers, he died because he believed he was supposed to die.

Joe’s new book ‘You Are the Placebo’ is good as it describes how you can change your brain to change your experience of life.  It includes many ‘wow’ stories about the placebo effect. However, if you already have read his two previous books, or been to all levels of his workshops, this new book is simply a review of what you already know.

I decided to write this post because I do believe our thoughts affect the experience of our lives, and can also affect our health.  Choosing to love life in this crazy world is a choice we each have.  I know it’s hard sometimes, but even if we choose to notice and love life some of the time, we are all the better for it.

How we choose to live our lives is truly a choice.







6 thoughts on “Can you think yourself to death?

  1. I’ve been in one of his conferences… When I started reading your post I thought of him. Then you mentioned it. I believe in the power of thought and emotions.

      • I believe he has a very interesting approach to the link between mind and matter. I believe in the importance of reprogramming our thoughts. We all need to let go of the past and the continuous thoughts we have been repeating to ourselves over the years. New thoughts should lead to new choices. New choices to new behaviors…New behaviors to new experiences. In the end, change will lead to evolution.

      • Hi Andrea,
        So you like his teachings 🙂 So do I. I was fortunate to discover him a few years ago, and this came along at the perfect time of my life when I needed the tools to create a new experience of life for myself.

        Thanks so much for commenting, and I’m glad for you to have benefited from him too.
        Have a wonderful day!

      • Yes, he is a gift, in my opinion. I’ve been fortunate to have learned from many teachers in my life and am still learning. We are all students if we are open to it. Paying it forward helps everyone.

        The circle he hangs out with are all doing wonderful things: Lynne McTaggart, Dr Jeffrey Fannin, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton. The world is benefiting from these folks.


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