Monkey Mind or Obnoxious Roommate?

We’ve talked about the Monkey Mind before – you know what I mean, when your mind jumps around from thought to thought, making no sense, and stressing us out.

I’ve come across another great tip that I’ve shared with my meditation students and they love it:

Do you have an obnoxious roommate in your head?  If so, evict him!

What a great visual this is!  By catching yourself when you have that negative, annoying script going on in your head, see this as on obnoxious roommate and just kick him or her out!

If you need a laugh, watch this 1.5 minute YouTube video I found:

Arianna Huffington, the editor of the wonderful Huffington Post site, just came out with her new book ‘Thrive‘. She talks about the obnoxious roommate.

Don’t give your roommate any of your precious air time.  🙂

Have a great day, without your roommate!


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4 thoughts on “Monkey Mind or Obnoxious Roommate?

  1. what if you got to know your roommate? like really know him. saw the good qualities in him. saw his habits. saw his tricks. saw his suffering. saw the suffering that he causes for you and others. and then spent some time developing a certain equanimity around him. trying to cultivate a certain amount of strength so you could be around his annoying and irritating habits, see it from a certain distance, and then, in bringing compassion to him and, especially to yourself, you found that you could learn a lot from this annoying roommate and then, in time perhaps, he becomes your greatest teacher. just another way of looking at it i thought i throw out there. thanks for all you do wendy 🙂

    • Hi Paul, you’re absolutely right in this 🙂
      It is another way, and a good way, to look at this. There is a lot to say about this when you look a layer deeper, isn’t there!

      This is about becoming more self-aware, which is a key step in having a happier life. Without the self-awareness then the mind can be chaotic and our state of being is at unrest.

      I guess I would say that the ‘evict the obnoxious roommate’ is a quick way to catch yourself and do something about it. Overall, however, it is better to observe, learn to understand and manage this too.

      Thank you very much for a really good comment. Have a beautiful day!

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