Handling a difficulty in your life

sad woman

Getting a handle on your difficulties in life

When life is tough, we can spend a lot of our time stressing over things that are bothering us. We usually don’t even realize that we are ruminating over these things most of our day. Let’s take a step back from a difficulty you are having for a moment, and observe ‘what’ is there. Try this short exercise:

  1. Think about a difficulty you are having in your life right now.
  2. Allow yourself a minute to settle down and relax.
  3. Leave your ego behind for this moment – meaning do not consider who is right or wrong or feel victimized. Take your time when you do the exercise below.
  4. Now, ask yourself these questions completely honestly:


  • “How am I reacting to this difficulty?”
  • “For this difficulty, how have I suffered by my own response and reaction to it?”

Remember, sit quietly and consider these questions carefully. Do not rush through them.

What you should find in this self-reflection is firstly, stepping away from the emotion of this difficulty lets you become an observer of your own reactions.  Then secondly, determine whether the hurt of the difficulty is a result of your own judgments, expectations and perceptions.

Picture yourself as if you are in a movie, and you are the one watching yourself.  How do you react to what you perceive are your difficulties?  How does your reaction cause you feel emotionally and behave outwardly?

If you can be honest with yourself, perhaps some or all of your difficulties can be experienced by yourself differently.  Again, how have your own reactions caused your own suffering?  What if you changed those reactions, what would your life be like?

 Things that make you go hmmmm….

Create a beautiful day for yourself,




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