Connect Health – How Wellness can save healthcare

Connect Health

Connect Health – an integrative & functional medical centre leading the way in Vancouver, BC.

Our healthcare system needs a major overhaul.  Having learned what I have learned just in the last few years has opened my eyes to how our mindset needs to change – how our system needs to change.

I am not generally someone who would shout from the hilltops or lead a protest. But now I understand how the healthcare system (both in Canada and the US) is so heavily influenced by big money and the pharmaceutical companies. The net effect of this is that many health screening tests and treatments are not in our mainstream system.  The big dollars go to symptom and disease-management, not wellness-management.

There are so many, lesser known, effective, non-invasive and natural and well-researched tests and treatments that most people do not know about. These are generally offered by small companies who just do not have the marketing dollars.

The person who has the interest, motivation, time and money can discover really effective healthcare options outside of mainstream.  But how do you know if an alternative option is safe and effective?  What if it is snake oil?  That’s the challenge.

  • The area of holistic healthcare is definitely a passion for me. ‘Holistic’ meaning taking care of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
  • Managing your health using an integrative approach is also a passion of mine.  ‘Integrative’ meaning using both conventional/western (ie: surgery, pharmaceutical drugs) and alternative approaches (ie: natural treatments, acupuncture, food as medicine, supplements, etc) as appropriate, where the doctor and patient are partners in decision-making.

There are more and more integrative wellness clinics opening up here in Vancouver, BC.  It’s exciting to see. As I talk to people about this subject, I have definitely seen a shift in thinking and people are waking up to the fact that mainstream healthcare often fails us, treating the symptoms and not the root cause of illness, and sometimes makes us even sicker with drugs and their side effects.

I would like to highlight Connect Health, a wonderful centre in Vancouver for integrative and functional medicine (root cause approach). They have a wonderful team of professionals who have a new vision for health care. Dr. Lawrence Cheng and Dr. Ashley Riskin are the founders and clinical directors of Connect Health.  I was very impressed with them the first time I met them.  They are emergency doctors in a hospital and at the same time run Connect Health with the right approach, and have trained with Dr. Andrew Weil. They impressed me so much that I am proud to say that I now teach meditation through their centre.

Please read a wonderful article ‘How wellness can save health care’ about Connect Health and their approach. I have sent many friends to Connect Health and my friends all enthusiastically thank me for referring them.

Is there a call to action in this post?  My request is that when it comes to your health, be open and then curious to non-mainstream approaches.  Have the courage to seek. Understand that there is a lot out there that works beyond your traditional doctor’s office.  Start discussing and discovering options with your friends and family. 


6 thoughts on “Connect Health – How Wellness can save healthcare

  1. I think many, if not most, Westerners have a difficult time envisioning true wellness. The pace at which most of us live counters our ability to focus on health from an inner perspective. The good news is that I am meeting more and more people who are turning away from medicine as a remedy and looking for natural alternatives to longevity, health and healing. For the first time in years, we are hearing from news outlets that we are drinking less soda. Walmart even announced last week that they will be pursuing organic foods in their super centers (mixed emotions there, though). Really appreciate your post.


    • Hi Cristi,

      So nice to hear from you 🙂
      I entirely agree. Most people not only have a difficult time envisioning true wellness, and in fact, many do not care. I know, because I used to be like that. In my younger years, I kept hearing about health and wellness, and how important looking after yourself is, but it really did not sink in and I did not watch my behavior. It was only until my health crisis that I finally woke up and realized that cultivating my own health and wellness means creating a better experience of life.

      I agree, I have mixed feelings about big industry. I choose organic when I can, and non-GMO, but we are so much at the mercy of industry and big money, that organics and wellness is becoming a marketing angle and it’s getting tainted and misused.

      Thank you for your comment! Have a wonderful day,

  2. Once again we are so fortunate for all the research you do for all of the people that read your blogs. It is thanks to people like you that it takes a lot of the searching out of our hands. Thank you for sharing such great information with all of us.

    • Hi Grasshopper, thank you for saying so 🙂
      I feel that ‘how can I not share?’ This is always such very helpful information.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Shaunah,

      I think you mean ‘InspireHealth’…. and yes, they are different. Both are in British Columbia. Here are the main differences:

      – deals specifically with cancer.
      – main location is in Vancouver, but they now have satellite offices in Victoria and Kelowna and do online services too
      – is good for people who want well-rounded, whole-person support and education for cancer in addition to the BC Cancer Agency which deals mainly with treatment — surgery & drugs. Note, however, that InspireHealth does NOT administer mainstream cancer treatment (chemo, radiation etc). So taking an integrative approach to cancer would mean considering both the BC Cancer Agency for surgery/drugs and also InspireHealth for whole-person/mind/body/spirit/nutrition/exercise, etc.

      Connect Health:
      – scope is any health issue, or even people who want to ensure their continued wellness
      – they offer truly integrative and functional (root cause) services
      – only location is at Macdonald and West 16th in Vancouver

      In my opinion, both organizations are good. Connect Health, however, delves much deeper into how the body works and is great for people who really want great integrative professionals to partner with for overall wellness or to determine a cause of a health concern. They put on wonderful workshops that always blow me away with the amount of knowledge that is shared. I have high regard for the 2 founders, Drs. Lawrence Chen and Ashley Riskin. Everyone that works there are remarkable people. Often, Connect Health will refer people with advanced cancer conditions to InspireHealth. But I feel Connect Health has a deeper understanding of the body.

      Does that answer your question? Good question, by the way!

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