A moment of peace amidst health concerns

Labrinyth for meditation and peace

Walking a labyrinth for meditation and peace

If you have ever gone through times of having a possible serious health issue, you know what it is like being on the roller coaster of getting tests done and waiting for the results. Often, these results lead to more tests.

My readers may know that I have been going through some tests to see if my cancer from 2010 has recurred.  I started this journey in November 2013 and it is still going on.  One test seems to lead to the next, because most of my results are not ‘clean’.

I have started an immunotherapy treatment that I feel very confident about. There is some ’cause for concern’ and I may have some cancer in my body, and I have confidence that this treatment will strengthen my immune system so my body can fight this on its own.  I plan to blog much more in the near future about the learnings I have acquired, which I feel are invaluable.

In the meantime, I had a specialist appointment the other day, was somewhat nervous, and after the appointment I came upon an unexpected labyrinth.  It was exactly what I needed in that moment – to drop my current ‘story’ and take a few minutes to walk the labyrinth in meditation.  It helped me become 100% present and not worry about what these tests may lead to.

So if you are going through waiting for test results or worried about your health, see if you can find ways to bring peace into your life and be present, be mindful.


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16 thoughts on “A moment of peace amidst health concerns

    • Hi Kitty, thank you very much. It’s nice of you to write. I’m getting answers, slowly but surely. I’ve rather accepted that getting and waiting for test results may be my new mode of being, and I’m OK with that. I get used to it!

      Have a wonderful day,

  1. HI Wendy

    Once again we are on the same page. As I mentioned previously, I am on the list of approximately
    80 newsletters from which I glean information of interest. Lately I have been drawn, like a magnet,
    to the immune system and immunotherapy.
    There was an extensive article on the subject attributed to The New York Times in October ’13.
    It referred to the virtues of this relatively new and perhaps costly, but exciting, treatment of the
    I believe you are going in the right direction and look forward to hearing of your success.
    With regard to tests, on Friday I was in to see my GP for the results of my colonoscopy,
    CT scan, echocardiogram, and cardiology exams. Blood next. It’s been seven years and the beat
    goes on.
    Your great attitude and positive thinking are commendable.
    Club Chemo

    • Hi Don, thank you so much for writing!

      You, me and thousands of others, are in the same boat. Having had cancer once, our interest is keenly heightened to do what we can to prevent a recurrence and live a healthy life overall.

      Yes, I started a fabulous immunotherapy from the UK 3 weeks ago. Their success results are truly amazing. I will find ways to share my knowledge, without a doubt.

      Yes, tests just seem to go on and on. But perhaps a way to look at this is these form good data points for comparison later on. I think testing will become a regular part of my life now. It’s given me so much information.

      Thank you for following my blog, Don, and please keep in touch!
      Have a great day.

  2. I am sorry you have this ongoing uncertainty and praise you for openly writing about it and being so proactive to calm and the mind and interrupt the anxious scripts. At the same time allowing yourself to feel and be human. Breathe through it and Lorne and I will keep you in our hearts and thoughts

    • Abby, thank you so much. The uncertainty is something I’ve come to be OK with right now. I think I am able to do that because I have the belief that I am and will be fine, and that I hope that others will be helped when I am ready to share more information about the journey.

      Life is an adventure, every day, in every way.

      Your life is very exciting right now! and I am very, very happy for you.


  3. Wendy, thank you for your post and the reminder to stay in the present. I think it was meant for me. I just got back 30 min. ago from seeing my optometrist, who also happens to be a good friend, with the diagnosis that I have a hole in the retina of one eye . (I had been having some symptoms.) He tried to get me into the retina clinic this afternoon, but no luck, they were swamped. Thanks to my optometrist’s insistence though, I was squeezed in for a Monday afternoon appointment, and will most likely have a laser treatment to stabilize the hole. The worry is that the whole retina will detach. I have instructions to head to emerg if anything new appears this weekend, but hopefully all will be well till Monday. So I am a bit apprehensive but hope it will work out. On my way home I thought that I should do a meditation tonight to calm myself. And what should I see in my mailbox but a timely post from you. Coincidence? I think I shall be fine, and I hope the same will be so for you. Thanks again, Ilse

    • Hi Ilse! Oh my goodness, yes, what a coincidence indeed!! I’m sorry about your retina, but at the same time I’m sure they will do a really good job to stabilize it. I know of friends who have had this done and it was very successful. Please take it easy this weekend.

      Yes, the fear of health issues can really throw us off track. I sometimes feel like it’s a surreal situation and I’m living someone else’s life. But please realize that the fear is an emotion and it’s when our minds are speculating into the future, and it is NOT reality. Yes please do some meditation tonight and throughout the weekend. It will calm your mind and body. Mindfulness also teaches us to be OK with whatever emotion we are experiencing. Allow yourself to ‘be’.

      Thank you for sharing this, Ilse. I am sending you positive, healing thoughts and surrounding you with healing white light 🙂


  4. Wendy

    Happy and healing thoughts your way.

    I know of two labrenths…one is in a church in the West End and another is in North Van on a church property.

    I am curious to know where you found the one you wrote about.

      • You are right. I did this walk the last time I voted. As I did it I thought about women who still don’t have the right to vote or who do but don’t because of some challenge. I never take the right to vote lightly.

    • 🙂 I like that you couldn’t click LIKE. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I am doing well overall and most of the time feel pretty good.

      I’m wishing you a wonderful day,

  5. Thanks for your update, Wendy, and for the inspirational image of you walking the Labyrinth at that perfect moment. Thanks for being a testament to the fact that when we pause and come out of our ‘story’, life is there, waiting to present the next step; a little gift; an insight that brings perspective or a brief encounter with a friend. Aaah, peace, right here in this precious moment. Thanks so much for graciously sharing your journey.

    • Carol, thank you. I wanted to write about the little surprise of the Labyrinth as it was a lovely little wake-up for me in that moment. Wallowing a little in my on self-pity, as I came upon this I thought ‘wow, is that what I think it is?’. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to walk it.

      I appreciate your comment, Carol, and you so elegantly added to my post with this.
      Have a lovely day,

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