Live in a state of ‘being’ not just ‘doing and accomplishing’

Dalai Lama quote - paradox of our age

A reflection of today’s lifestyle

One of the important life lessons I’ve learned in recent years is that I do not need to always be rushing around, hyper-scheduling, and always doing something.  We are conditioned to be a ‘doing’ society – do more and do faster.

I’ve been sharing my quote ‘Live in a state of being not just doing and accomplishing with people lately, and am told this has helped people stop and think.  We need reminders like this sometimes to get perspective and realize that joy in life does not come from material wealth and being able to brag about how great we are — these things may give temporary happiness, but it does not last.

As you read the Dalai Lama passage above, I imagine you are nodding your head and generally agreeing with his words.  My ask of you is that you go one step beyond reading this, but consider what you can do in your life to slow down, take time to appreciate life mindfully, and focus less on doing.  Live more in a state of being rather than doing.

Take a moment. Take a breath. Feel the gratitude of your life.


8 thoughts on “Live in a state of ‘being’ not just ‘doing and accomplishing’

  1. This is what I am getting too after continued meditation. The state of happiness is that you just think nothing, as it comes do it if you feel like. do not do it if you do not want to. But be in peace at all costs – that is the happiness.

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