Dr. Joe Dispenza is coming to Vancouver, BC

Dr Joe Dipenza

Change your brain. Change your state of being.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is coming to Vancouver twice this year. For those of you who have taken my ‘Learn to Meditate’ course or who have followed my blog for awhile, know that I consider Dr. Dispenza one of my teachers.

He teaches how to have a different experience in life regardless of what is going on around you. What I like about his teaching is he does a good job making this accessible to the majority of people by using simple meditation techniques.  Through neuroplasticity, you can get rid of negative thinking patterns, and create a new state of being.

His appearances in Canada are listed here.

  • May 17/18, 2014:  He’ll be a keynote speaker at  the ‘I Can Do It’ conference which pulls together many popular speakers.
  • July 4-6, 2014:  His ‘Progressive’ Workshop (also known as his Level 2 workshop) is worthwhile attending.  The previous ‘Level 1’ workshop is now offered as ‘Online Intensive Workshop’ and is included in the price of this Progressive workshop. So if you have never attended his workshops, you can go to this one and are asked to watch the online video before attending.  A good discount is available if you register before May 4.

He rarely teaches in Vancouver, perhaps only every 2 years. I have attended all three of his workshops and had to travel to Colorado and Arizona to do so.  So if you are interested in his teachings, I would urge you to consider this if you live in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.

For those of you not in Vancouver, you may be interested to see his website as he teaches around the world.

Read my previous post about his teachings here.

Sending out good wishes to you all, and hope that you find joy in your daily lives.


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