‘Learn to Meditate’ class in Vancouver, B.C.

Connect Health integrative medical clinicHi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be teaching my ‘Learn to Meditate’ class in Vancouver, British Columbia starting February 17. It runs 4 Monday evenings, at a wonderful integrative medical clinic called Connect Health.

Course description:

These classes are for people who are curious about meditation and have never tried it, or have tried it in the past and felt unsuccessful or frustrated. Geared specifically for beginners (but experienced practitioners are welcome) these classes offer a very comfortable and non‐judgmental experience.

The goals of these classes are:

  • To cultivate personal resiliency, peace and calm. Stress reduction.
  • To show various techniques so you can discover what works for you
  • To give you the confidence to start a meditation and mindfulness practice of your own.

There are still a few spots left in the course. You can register through the Connect Health website. If you live in the Vancouver area, please spread the word for me.

Thank you kindly,


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