Meaningful music from a cancer journey – John Mann

John Mann - The Waiting Room

John Mann’s new CD called ‘The Waiting Room’ is worth the listen

Last night, I was fortunate to attend John Mann’s CD release event in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.  John Mann is a special musician, singer and actor – a multi-talented individual who creates and performs beautiful, meaningful music.

He’s one of those talents you just sit in awe watching. He started his set with a few songs that he wrote during his cancer experience, and I sobbed as it brought back so many memories of my experience too. If you have gone through any serious health condition, you can relate to the feeling like you are on a different planet, being poked with needles, wearing hospital gowns, dealing with shifting staff, and the uncertainty of the next test result. John’s lovely wife said to me:  ‘Oh, you’ve been on Planet Cancer too’, and gave me a big hug.

John Mann was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2009. It was a joy to see him doing great and shining on stage, performing for a crowd cheering him on, and surrounded by many people who obviously love him.

I invite you to visit his website and watch his touching video. Better yet, consider buying his beautiful music on iTunes. Listen to his lyrics.


2 thoughts on “Meaningful music from a cancer journey – John Mann

  1. This is very beautiful and deeply personal music. As a cancer survivor I can relate to the lyrics and what John said in his video. We are forever changed and if we’re open to it – we can have an even better life afterward….. we’ve been given an afterward!!
    Thank you for sharing, Wendy. Thank you for your music, John. I wish you the very best.

    • Hi Kim, thanks for taking the time to listen to John Mann’s music. It’s deeply moving and special. He puts so much heart into it. For people who haven’t had cancer, I hope it shows them how much it means to cancer patients when other people show their caring.

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