Terrible experiences . . . really?

Mark Twain

How much of your experience is manufactured in your mind?
Quite a lot, actually!

This is a fabulous quote from Mark Twain, and fits perfectly into the discussion about Mindfulness.

  • How much of your mind time is spent catrastrophizing your life?
  • What is made-up by your mind as opposed to factually happening?  More than we would like to admit, I’m sure.
  • Are you manufacturing stories in your mind and thinking how terrible they are, or unfairly you’ve been treated?

Think about this:  your body does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real but manufactured in your mind.  This should concern you because your body reacts to what’s happening in your mind. How many times have you been nervous about something coming up, like public speaking, and your body reacts by getting a stomach ache, having to go to the bathroom, or getting a headache? In this example, you haven’t even yet experiencing your public speaking but your body is already in panic mode . . . not good.

Our ‘Monkey Minds‘ are constantly at work – keeping our brains busy with thoughts that jump around and stress us out. This is simply human nature, but left unaware and unmanaged means you are likely tormenting yourself.  Through learning and practicing mindfulness techniques and meditation, you can actively train your brain to behave better.

So please remember that you can catch yourself during the day and to be aware of your thoughts.  Are your terrible experiences truly happening, or are you embellishing and exaggerating? Catch yourself, then consciously make a decision to change your thinking. You will be happier for it.


2 thoughts on “Terrible experiences . . . really?

  1. Brilliant, always seem to worry about what might happen instead of being open to whatever happens and being okay with it, thanks

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