2014 explosion of Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation group

Once you try it and stick with it, you’ll love the benefits.

You see it everywhere now.  A huge increase in articles and research about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, or ‘mindfulness meditation’.  And so it should be, because it works to counter-balance the busy lifestyles of today’s society, and it can bring more meaning and spirituality into your life.

It’s free. It’s something you can decide independently to do. You don’t have to get anyone’s permission to practice mindfulness and/or meditation.

Huffington Post article: Why 2014 will be the year of mindful living

In 2013 there was a clear surge in the number of people opening up to learning these skills. The interest is growing exponentially. Every ‘Learn to Meditate’ class I offer is full.

Is this just another fad?  I actually do not think it is. I predict that it will be very mainstream, and quickly. Then, there will be many spins and variations put on them, as more jump on the bandwagon.

The only warning, or perhaps I’ll call it an important tip, that I want to tell you is that learning about meditation and mindfulness is best if you learn at least a few different methods. In all my experience as a practitioner, and also a teacher of these life skills, it has become very obvious to me that no one method fits all.  Everyone is unique, and if you learn different methods, you will not only find which ones work best for you, but you will also have a toolkit to choose from as you will need different methods as you go through life.

Also, look for a teacher who you like and presents the teachings in a way that works for you. Don’t drop it just because you do not like the teacher or the place you go to. It’s like finding a doctor who best suits you.

So let’s all watch this happen – the explosion of mindfulness and meditation in 2014.  It will happen!


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2 thoughts on “2014 explosion of Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Oh DFD, you made my day. Thank you so much!

      The same goes back to you. You are doing wonderful work in your integrative medical practice to make people aware of mindful living. Bless you!


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