Anxiety health benefits from short meditations


Anxiety and panic attacks can take over your life. Try simple meditation to overcome it.

I hear countless wonderful stories from people who meditate about what benefits they are getting. This one is a must share about anxiety and panic attacks.

A young woman in her mid-twenties who works as a call centre representative told me she used to have a severe anxiety disorder and frequent panic attacks.  These attacks were so bad that she would often call 911 in the middle of the night because she felt like she was going to die.  She was on a strong dose of Atavan much to her dismay but did not have any other way of coping.

What meditation has done for her anxiety:

She came to my beginner’s weekly meditation class at work, but only a few times earlier this year.  She says just coming a few times convinced her that it was going to help her greatly, and she started to meditate only 5 minutes per day using guided meditation recordings. Since she has been doing her daily 5 minute practice, she has discontinued her Atavan completely and now manages her anxiety through meditation.

She says that her panic attacks have disappeared and although she still has some anxiety, it has decreased to a very manageable level.  She just glows as she tells this story to me and our co-workers.

How wonderful is this story?!  Seeing someone take control of their anxiety with such a simple 5 minute daily practice is exciting to see. This is not the first time my meditation students have told me that their anxiety has reduced but this one struck me in particular because of the power in which it has positively affected her life.

If you have anxiety or know someone who has it, please consider passing this on.

Anyone can meditate.  Know that meditation is not hard and anyone can do it. All it takes is some skilled guidance so you go into meditation with the right attitude and expectations. Starting with guided meditations (where the facilitator is speaking, guiding you through the meditation) is a great way to start. See some helpful links below.



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