What cancer means

The ‘C’ word is a scary word. I’d like to share with you my personal thoughts on what cancer means to me.

Cancer invokes fear in us all, yet cancer brings meaning to our lives.

Both my parents have had it.  My breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 changed my life.  Am I scared of recurrence?  I admit, yes, I am.  Some days it hits me harder, like today. I discovered a neighbour who just passed away from a cancer recurrence, and was also reminded of two wonderful people who are fighting it – both of these people inspire me because of the way they are living their lives now.

Not one day passes that I am not grateful for the awakening I have had from my cancer experience. It stopped me from living my life in auto-pilot and undervaluing each day that I have. Teaching people how to meditate and live mindfully is simply my way to help people awaken to the value of life.

John Mann

Help John Mann start his musical tour inspired by his cancer experience

A local musician and actor in the Vancouver, British Columbia area named John Mann, had rectal cancer, and is now raising money to go on tour to share his beautiful music about his cancer experience.  Please take a moment to see his video and consider helping him realize his passion:

John Mann’s indiegogo site “The Waiting Room”

Thank you kindly,


4 thoughts on “What cancer means

    • Hi Al, ah, a very good question. A big question.

      I’ve been reading about this very subject – about why some people awaken and live consciously and others don’t and choose to stay in suffering.

      The underlying belief from a spiritual perspective is that everyone does come from love and light, but through negative life experiences the soul gets hurt. For some people, the hurt is so intense that anger overtakes their filters on life. The shut down comes from the hurt soul. There is much work to do in this case. Awareness and awakening to how we are living our lives is what is needed; for those who are shut down, I hope they find experiences, people and guidance to bring them along.

      Any further thoughts? This is a big subject.

  1. The world is a better place because you are still in it. You continue to not only share but inspire and that is why your adventure has only just begun.

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