Follow a passion, even if you’re bad at it!

Yamaha guitar

My new friend. A Yamaha APX500IIEW guitar with a mango-wood top.

Sharing ways to cultivate joy in life is what this blog is all about. Sometimes joy can be found in the smallest things if you open yourself up to being vulnerable. My old self probably would not have ventured into the unexplored territory of music, but my current self has, and I’m loving it!

From an independent movie I discovered earlier this year, called Hit n Strum, I was inspired to learn to play the guitar. Believe me, I am not musical at all, and my music history involves maybe a whopping few months of piano lessons when I was 10 years old.

I struggle and struggle, and have a wonderful guitar teacher, named Paul Lambert. Having a good, skilled teacher who makes learning fun makes all the difference in the world. I’m concentrating mainly on one or two songs only, and after weeks of practice, they are starting to somewhat resemble the songs!  (So glad my teacher is so patient!)

The joy comes from simply connecting with the guitar and being 100% present with it.  I am going within to challenge myself to learn something completely new outside of my comfort zone and reteach my brain.  It’s not about being good, or ever having a goal of playing in front of another human being.

So I have found another joy in my life.  Have you?

Loving life, and wishing you the same,


4 thoughts on “Follow a passion, even if you’re bad at it!

  1. Wendy, loved this inspirational post….My take aways……1. To take the time to learn something new..2. Not to be afraid of not being perfect. I think you are suggesting the journey is what is important and not the final destination.

    • Hi Shaunah, thank you for clarifying. You’re absolutely right – that’s the message – the journey is what is important and being present. Not being afraid of not being good is allowing the ego to move aside. When we stop worrying about what others may think, then we can truly enjoy something in its entirety.

      That is wonderful about your take-aways! It’s so fun learning something new, outside of the comfort zone. It’s like being a child again, and allowing yourself to marvel at its newness, and allow yourself to be humbled.

      Thanks so much for your insightful comment,

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