How meditation helps in hard times

Meditation on the dock

Meditation is an important life skill that helps in hard times. In fact, it helps at any time. It brings more meaning and joy to life.

When you read this list of what life circumstances have been helped by meditation, I think you’ll resonate with at least one or two.

This post is about the many people I have seen first-hand who have learned meditation and made it a life practice.  Some meditate regularly to keep their lives more ‘even’ & enjoy life more, and some only meditate when life gets challenging.

There are so many reasons why people meditate, and for those of you who have not tried meditation, you probably have a preconceived idea of what it is – which may be right or wrong.

Here are some of the situations where meditation has helped people significantly enough that they told me about it:

  • Co-worker stress – dealing with people at work who are difficult, treat others badly or are just miserable to be around.
  • Work stress – dealing with changes in their job.
  • Work stress – managing high workloads and long hours.
  • Cancer – getting through the treatments, and the emotions during the treatments and afterwards.
  • Anxiety – calming themselves and lessening the feeling of panic and anxiousness.
  • Family responsibilities – finding some calm in the day-to-day running around taking care of kids and the household.  Taking care of aging parents.
  • Life events – finding peace in the stress of weddings, break-ups, loved ones passing away, accidents.
  • Depression – rising up from feeling like nothing matters and lacking motivation to do anything. Some have reduced or eliminated their medication.
  • And here’s one you may not expect to see….  having apathy for life. Doing ‘ok’ in life but not having passion for anything. Life just happens and is rather dull.  Meditation has helped them create a sense of identity to something bigger than themselves.

This is just a shortlist of the most common things people share with me where meditation helps them in hard times.  The benefits are endless.

There are many types of meditation techniques.  I find that in hard times, the type of meditation that helps the most are ones where you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.  When you feel ‘oneness’ with the world around you, you feel connection and energy that brings meaning and strength to your life.

Meditation is something that is best learned by being guided by a skilled facilitator. Most people do not find learning meditation easy by reading a book or listening to an audio CD.   Like most things in life, if you find the right instructor, your experience can be wonderful.


6 thoughts on “How meditation helps in hard times

    • Hello Arun, I’m with you on that for sure 🙂 But I understand apprehensions people have, because I had them before I started to learn meditation. Even after going to a few classes, it still took me awhile for it to become a life practice. Life is SO much better now that meditation is integrated into my life.

      Wishing you a wonderful day,

  1. Great. Yes Meditaion helps. I am practicing some sort of meditation and it helps a lot to deal with my depression. Great post.

    • Oh Niranjan, thank you SO very much for taking the time to write. This is wonderful to hear! and you are helping others by sharing your experience. When people do the ‘work’ of meditation and gift themselves with the time to do it, the payback is worth it.

      Lovely to hear from you. Thank you again for sharing! Keep up the good work!

      • Hi Wendy,
        Thanks for the encouragement and appreciation. Yes you are right about meditation. I liked your wordings: “When people do the ‘work’ of meditation and gift themselves…”; beautiful way of writing.

      • Thank you Niranjan. Meditation does take dedication and time for sure, so people need to be willing to put in the effort, but the payback is so wonderful!

        Wishing you a lovely and wonderful day,

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