Why and how to find your purpose

Path to dreamIf you scoff at the question ‘What is your purpose in life?’ I invite you to challenge yourself as to why you do that.   When I was younger, that question meant next to nothing to me, because it just seemed so ‘out there’ and rather hippy-ish, and after all, didn’t I have all the time in the world to think about that kind of thing later on?

I had wonderful parents growing up, but they didn’t seem interested or supportive in helping me to value life. My upbringing was simply about the day-to-day doings of life.  As I became an adult, I started to wonder about my purpose in life, especially when I saw people who just seemed to have it all figured out.

So why should you find your purpose?

Knowing and living your purpose in life gives your life a deep meaning. It brings true fulfillment and happiness. It provides perspective that when you face the day-to-day grind and irritations, that these things are just ‘things’ and are fleeting.  It makes you truly feel valuable and connected to something bigger. It makes you feel that you’re not alone, and that you are adding value to the world.

Aren’t these good reasons to care to find your purpose?  I think so.

How do you find your purpose?

This can be tricky. I personally searched for years. But I admit that my searching wasn’t too much more than curiosity and waiting for my purpose to be presented on a silver platter.  For me, the result of my cancer journey was my wake-up call to create a more meaningful life by helping people become more awake to the joys of life.

I hope you do not need to experience a big life challenge before you are willing to find your purpose.

Here are 5 very helpful questions that I saw in a Huffington Post article to help you think about what your purpose might be:

  1. What am I here to learn (in this lifetime)?
  2. What am I here to teach?
  3. What am I here to overcome?
  4. What am I here to complete?
  5. What am I here to express?

An interesting note is that you may have more than one purpose, or your purpose may change over time.  You will know when you have found your purpose and are living it – you will feel the deep connection to life with joy and fulfillment.

My purpose

Sharing my purpose is quite a personal thing, but I will share it with you. I think my main passion is the same as my purpose.

I hope to help people awaken to the joys of life.

I have discovered that teaching others the powerful combination of meditation and mindfulness in workplace settings and public classes results in higher resilience and improves the meaning of people’s lives, in subtle and profound ways.

If you are currently searching for or living your purpose, I would welcome you to leave a comment below to share what your journey of discovery is like.  I think sharing this knowledge will help others.

Warm wishes,


2 thoughts on “Why and how to find your purpose

    • Hello Al, thank you so much for sharing your personal thoughts on this. Your journey is a challenging one indeed. But it sure seems like you are doing very well and learning a lot.

      All the best,

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