Ashton Kutcher has a good message

Ashton Kutcher

Celebrities making a difference

I openly say I’m not exactly an Ashton Kutcher fan, but I just watched a speech he made that was quite ‘real’ and insightful at the Teen Choice awards. In the spirit of honesty and building trust with the audience, he started by revealing what his real name is.Β  Then he gave a philosophical talk that would resonate with young people.

I have high respect for celebrities with influence who speak up in an inspiring and non-materialistic way. Ashton addressed a teen audience in a way that captured their attention – by talking about what makes people sexy.

Here’s his message:

  1. Opportunity – is a lot of hard work. He talked about his many earlier jobs, and how each job was a stepping stone to the next job.
  2. Being Sexy – the sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, thoughtful and generous. Everything else (he means the beauty industry, etc) is crap, and don’t buy it.
  3. Living Life – Build your life, don’t just live it.

If you would like to see the video, please click here.

I particularly like that being sexy is about being thoughtful and generous, and to build your life, not just live it.

It’s all good messaging.


13 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher has a good message

  1. Wendy, thanks for pointing this out. It was well said – and he took the opportunity to try to influence young people in a positive way. While I am like you in that I am not a fan of his per se, I do have new respect for him. Thanks again for sharing all the positive things going on in the world.

    • Hi Al, yes, it surprised me as well. It was really good to see, though. Especially addressing younger folks who are so impressionable from society.


    • Hi Joey, Yes, I agree. Those words are meaningful. We can build and create our lives, and not just sleepwalk through life.
      Thanks so much for commenting today,

  2. Wendy – I too saw this video clip yesterday and thought it was a great point for discussion. It was a great message for teens that are bombarded by other people, marketing and media telling them what to think, what to buy and how to act. I also liked the concept of buiding a life. I think his message was simple and powerful and appropriate for people of all ages.

    • Hi Shaunah,

      Yes it a good message for everyone. Too many people are convinced that they need to look like the fake photos on magazine covers. It’s really too bad. I hope more influential people like Ashton speak up like this.

      Have a wonderful day,

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