Stop imagining the worst

“If you imagine the worst, then when the worst happens, you’ve lived it twice.”

I heard Michael J. Fox say this on TV recently, and it made me want to share it with you.  I find him to be very inspiring. With his Parkinson’s disease, he still lives a full life and did not shy away from his acting career.  He’s a very positive and life-loving person, and grew up in my home town! I love to see when people find ways to continue life with vigor despite some circumstance or health issue they might have.

The quote he said above, simply means that the stories and scenarios we play in our minds feel very real to us. Our thoughts create our reality. So when we fabricate situations in our minds – like thinking how a scenario may play out in the worst way, we are making ourselves experience this, even though it’s not really happening.  Why do we torment ourselves? Take a moment to think about this. When you are playing out a situation in your mind in a negative way, don’t you feel the negativity in your body?  Your body is actually experiencing it. And if you believe in the mind/body connection, your mind is creating your body’s reality.

don't expect the worstWe all do this, and so do I.  But if we can become self-aware and intentionally change our thoughts so we don’t torment ourselves, we can be create a happier life.  I know this isn’t easy to do, but if you can change your thoughts some of the time, you’ll are making a big difference in our life.

We need to tame that monkey mind of ours.


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9 thoughts on “Stop imagining the worst

    • Hi Tina, I’m sending you positive thoughts so the news is the best it can be for you. I know it must be hard waiting, but maybe spending the waiting time thinking positively may help. Once, a very wise friend gave me some advice when I was going through a very hard time as my dad had a major heart attack then a stroke – she said ‘think about what experience you would like to have through this time’, and that gave me a very different, insightful perspective. It made me think about the situation in a whole different way – in a very mindful way.

      I wish you all the best, and thank you for taking the time to comment,

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