A sad week

sadIn the past week, a number of things happened in my life in rapid succession.  Each of these events was not exactly monumental on its own, but when they all piled up together, they brought heaviness to my heart.

I learned about 4 deaths, and was present for one of them.  I felt a deep heaviness that I haven’t felt in a long time.

With all the learning I’ve had in recent years, I am so grateful to have a healthier, wider perspective on life. Being mindful of how I’m feeling is what helps me deal with it all –  knowing that life has to have its ups and downs, that emotions are part of the human experience, and that emotions are temporary.  Also, my belief is that death is part of our journey and I take comfort in believing that those who passed on are now in a good place.

It’s OK to be sad once in awhile.   Meditation helps me greatly in times like this.

I like something I heard once a long time ago which helps me with emotional perspective:

Think to yourself “I have sadness in me” rather than “I’m a sad person”.  When you do this, you separate the sadness from who you are, knowing that it is something that is with you momentarily, and the sadness does not define you.

I hope in some way, reading this may help someone out there. Ups and downs happen to the best of us   🙂  

With no downs, there are no ups. 
With no sad, there is no happy.

Thank you for reading,


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13 thoughts on “A sad week

  1. Dear Wendy… I’m so sorry to hear that life is so heavy and sad right now. It oftentimes requires a burden like you’re experiencing to help a person graduate to the next level of wisdom and so expand the heart. My thoughts are with you and I offer you my condolences. With light and love,

    • James, yes, thank you. I entirely agree with you, and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I still follow your blog and you offer so much through your writing. Thank you for that,

  2. I’m sorry for your losses, Wendy. It is okay to feel sadness and loss. I learned at InspireHealth that if we allow ourselves to feel all the sadness and grief of a painful experience, we will be able to let go of these feelings much more quickly and have a greater capacity to heal. I love what you said about having sadness in you. I find this helpful. Thank you!
    Take care,

    • Hello my dear Kim,
      Thank you for the reminder of what InspireHealth teaches about this. I had forgotten that but of course it makes a lot of sense.

      I hope you are doing really well, and thank you for sharing your advice here.

  3. Oh my friend I am sorry to hear about these losses. I really want to thank you though for showing us all that there is another way of looking at and dealing with loss. I love the part about Sadness in me. Take care of yourself.

    • Thank you Grasshopper, I really appreciate the sentiment. Yes, the ‘sadness in me’ has helped me numerous times over the past few years. Thank you for your caring.
      Take care,

  4. You shared your emotions with few words and as i looked your post with that pic believe me i got grieved that what happened??
    i was a bit worried but then after reading the post tears were in my eyes…
    A very emotional topic you have written dude.
    Must say:tearful

    • Yasmeen,
      I appreciate your comment very much.
      I talked about this same topic when I taught my meditation class yesterday. I saw the emotion rise in people’s eyes too. I do not mean to upset anyone; I want to help equip people for times like this.
      Being human means having emotions.
      Dealing with death means thinking about the value of life.

      Thank you for your heartfelt words. Your words come straight from the heart.

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