Meditation in the workplace is growing

Gee, it’s not only me who is teaching meditation in the workplace. Did you know that the massive Google empire’s corporate campus in Silicon Valley does too?  And in a very big way.

I have talked about my humble start in teaching mindfulness and meditation in my workplace 2.5 years ago, and how it now has 160 out of 700 staff coming to the lunchtime weekly class. The benefits are vast and remarkable.  Companies now realizing more and more how this can increase resiliency in their employees, clarity of thought, and ability to manage stress.

So when a friend sent me this article about Google’s meditation practice, it really fired me up!

Some of the article’s nuggets:

  • More than 1,000 employees have gone through their course called ‘Search Inside Yourself’ and 400 are on the waiting list.
  • The very popular Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, visited Google’s office, and since then they conduct silent classes except for the ringing of bells.
  • They have even built a labyrinth for walking meditations! (See what a labyrinth is here).
  • The staff do not just do meditation for health, emotional well-being and clarity of thought, they realize that it cultivates their own emotional intelligence, which is critical for career growth.

It’s a rather long article, but what an interesting read.

My last post talked about my vision that in 5 years, meditation in the workplace will be as mainstream as yoga is now.  You answered my poll, asking what your thoughts are. Here are the results so far!

Poll - meditation in workplace

It looks like many of you also think this is a possibility! Thank you!

Thank you for reading.


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