Sharing my dream – and a poll

I have a dream that I would like to ‘put out there’ to see what comes back to me.  Sometimes if one is vulnerable and opens up, something unexpectedly beautiful comes back.

My Dream:  That in 5 years’ time, meditation &
mindfulness are as mainstream in the workplace as yoga is now.

Path to dream

A photo I recently took – look at the halo at the end of the path. A path to a dream, perhaps?

The surprising growth in acceptance and curiosity from others I’ve experienced in the past year makes me  believe this could come true.

Not only because of the evidence-based benefits I see happening in the workplace as I teach meditation at work, but also the regular flow of of media articles we all see about the researched benefits.  Meditation and mindfulness are no longer as ‘out there’ and are starting to be better understood. People are starting to open up and understand how this life practice positively affects their lives.

Such successful integration into the workplace will largely depend on people talking to people.  When I want to increase interest in this subject, I ask people who are already doing it to talk to their friends and co-workers. It is this personal conversation that really piques people’s curiosity.

When people hear that I teach meditation in the workplace, most often the reactions are ‘That’s cool!  That’s great!  More companies should be doing that!  I wish my company offered it!’.

Here’s a poll I invite you to take:

Thank you for reading my post. Your time and interest is truly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Sharing my dream – and a poll

  1. I always feel calmer and more connected when I meditate, especially in a group, this we can use more connection, thanks for providing leadership

  2. When we eat, drink, think right & meditae every day – life becomes happy and peaceful. You are doing a great job. One way of making meditation acceptable in mainstream is to demonstrate the benefits and link it to profitablity. Regards and much love – Arun

    • Thank you Arun. I appreciate your comments. Yes indeed, it does take work to be happy and peaceful, but that work gets easier as we practice these life skills. I am doing what I can to build data to demonstrate the benefits of meditation in the workplace. So far, it’s looking great!
      Have a wonderful day,

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