More meditator’s experiences

I get such a high when I hear how meditation is benefiting those to who meditate.   The excitement with which people share their experiences with me is something I wish I could share with you in the moment it is happening.  To see someone come alive while telling their story is what life is all about – experiencing life, being invigorated by life and awakening to what meditation and mindfulness can bring to your world.

Here are two stories from my students that I’d like to share with you:

A stressed-out dog finds relief

meditating dog

Your pet will love to meditate with you

One year ago, thieves had broken into Karen’s home. Although her family thankfully was not home at the time, her dog was home. Since then, the dog seemed to have post-traumatic stress symptoms and was nervous, shaky and did not want to be left alone anymore. Karen decided to meditate with her dog in the hopes to calm him down. After one week of doing this, the dog has now settled back down and is his old self, and can stay alone in the house!   Pets definitely can sense your energy, and I’ve heard many of my students say that their pets like to join them while they meditate.

Discovering her energy through Qi Gong

qi gong

Qi Gong is a wonderful moving meditation

Betsy approached me with tears in her eyes after having attended my classes for 7 months. I thought something terrible might have happened in her life.  But those were tears of joy as she explained how for the first time in her life, she felt her own energy.  We had just finished doing a Qi Gong (sometimes spelled ‘Chi Kung’ or ‘Chi Gong’) meditation movement exercise. Qi Gong is a slow, ‘internal’ martial art for energy flow that is a moving meditation.  I showed my class how they could feel their energy field. Betsy said she was hoping for a breakthrough in meditation and now she has it.  She had felt the benefits of peace and calm as soon as she started a meditation practice, but now feels she has reached a whole new, exciting level.

I emphasize that every person’s meditation experience is unique and every meditation session is unique.  If you feel that you just don’t seem to be getting interesting and wonderful experiences like others, do not fret.  You are on your own journey, and your meditation experiences are uniquely your own.


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