What I think of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza

As Dr. Joe Dispenza grows in popularity for his book and teachings in ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’, I’d like to offer my views.  He first hit the scene from his appearance in the popular ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’ documentary.  I’ve been following him for awhile now, and have attended all levels of his workshops.

Those of you who have been following me for awhile know that I have written about his teachings before.  I even had 30 of my colleagues and friends attend his Vancouver workshop.

In a nutshell, because many people ask me, I’d like to share my perspective on what I think about Dr. Joe Dispenza:


  • He does an excellent job of blending science and spirituality.
  • He has a compelling way of explaining and teaching practical ways to rewire your brain to rid yourself of emotional patterns and thinking that do not serve you well, and how to create experiences in life that you want.
  • I believe he is genuine, sincere, and honestly loves to help people.
  • His charismatic way is captivating.
  • I have met numerous people who credit him for their life-changing experiences.

Cons (in perspective):

  • As his popularity and following grows, I find people comment to me that his marketing is getting ‘slicker’.  For example, if you ‘like’ him on Facebook you will see loads of daily posts.  The marketing is frequent.
  • Some people find his choice of words in his lectures and meditations off-putting. For example, there are many ways to describe the ‘higher power’ – God, Universe, Source, Higher Consciousness, etc.  Believe me, as a meditation teacher, I understand the challenge of trying to select words that appeal to the masses. No matter what language is used, it is likely to turn-off some folks. I personally think he addresses this just fine.
  • Some people have even asked me if his workshops are like a cult. This thought has crossed my mind in a fleeting way.  It’s not a cult, because he’s not asking you to follow him blindly into doing some kind of religious rituals. You are in control of your own experience. Yes, he has a solid following but I believe he’s ‘earned’ it. He has found a way to connect with many people in a meaningful way that has helped many. I applaud him for that.

The bottom-line, in my view, is this:   I know that most of his teachings have helped me tremendously in my life.  My experience in life is different because of him, even though circumstances around me may not have changed. My thinking patterns are no longer as negative, and I have been able to create many things in my life that I wanted by using his methods.  I have been face-to-face with many people in his workshops that have had wonderful changes in their lives – both dramatic health improvements and otherwise.

I decided to look past the few concerns I heard from others (very few) about his ‘slickness’ and not allow them to be obstacles to my learning. By doing so, I believe I have benefited tremendously. Sometimes we need to put judgments aside to uncover something special.

So if you have been wondering how to think about his teachings, I hope this has helped you.  He is not the only teacher in my life, but he is one of the more important ones. If you have dabbled in his teachings and it doesn’t fit for you, that’s understandable, and I hope you have found tools in your life to cultivate a good life for yourself.

I will soon write about some fascinating things I learned at his Advanced workshop where he had 2 neuroscientists conducting EEG brain scans and human energy field tests on the participants!


23 thoughts on “What I think of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings

  1. Hey Wendy, thank you for your postings. I am currently preparing to go to 2 workshops back to back with Joe Dispenza. I like his writings about the mind/body/reality connection and his videos.
    I also like that he is connected to Heartmath people and Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton…
    What really put me off lately was to see his connection-affiliation with the Ramtha cult in WA. He was one of JZ Knight’s instructors at a certain point. JZ is in my view a slick manipulator with a nonsensical tall tale as she ages, shows more and more how not enlightened she is. The connection between Dispenza and that cult is more than disturbing I have to say. Are you aware of the connection and how do you feel about it?

    • Hi Emmeline, I’m only faintly aware of his connection and I think that was a long time ago before he became successful in his own right but I could be wrong on that. In the years I was actively taking his courses (2011-2013) he did not mention this connection at all. I am a big fan of Dr Dispenza for a number of reasons – he has really helped thousands of people, and I feel he knows how to reach the majority of people in a way that is very accessible and do-able. To this day I still use the techniques I learned from him and occasionally follow his guided meditations. It’s become an innate part of who I am and my life is amazing these days.

      As I mentioned in my posts, there are a few things that bother some people, but in my view, no one can please 100% the people 100% of the time. Your experience is was you make of it, and if you go in with the right mindset (non-judgmental and to absorb what makes sense for you personally), then I think you’ll be really glad you did the workshops.

      I hope that’s helpful and I wish you all the best on the journey!

  2. Just discovered Joe and I have to agree with Wendy, his approach is so easy going that you can’t help liking him. He also explains how your mind works better than anyone I have studied previously. I should also say that I have the NeuroSky product. It’s good but there is only one EEG sensor on it compared to the multiple ones that a proper skull cap has. It can give you a general idea on when you are moving into a meditative state but can’t produce the level of details that appear in the graphs in Joe’s book. You need proper scientific EEG equipment for that.

    • Hi Alex, thanks so much for your helpful comment. I think very highly of Joe; he’s a very special person and I feel fortunate to have been taught by him and know him.
      I haven’t heard of the NeuroSky product – sounds interesting!
      Wishing you all the best,

  3. Wendy. I have a medical condition that I would like to address thru Dr. Dispenzas’ methodology. I have read “You are the Placebo”.

    What is the best way to learn his system…… Start right out with a workshop or try meditating first using his books, CD and on line materials? I don’t want to go to the Progressive Workshop and find myself unprepared. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Hello Phil,
      This is a good question you’re asking. Since I’ve been to all of his workshops and other seminars, and read all his books, and have been practicing his teachings for a few years now, my recommendation would be to go to his workshops.

      Everyone learns differently, but even if you learn well from books, I feel it’s just not as powerful as being in his presence. I believe when you sign up for his Progressive Workshop, you will be given a link to do his Introductory class online, which will certainly adequately prepare you. Especially since you’re already read You Are the Placebo, you will be more than ready 🙂 Also, attending the workshops lets you be in the group’s energy, which makes it much easier to experience the learnings and go deeper into the meditations.

      When I first took his workshops, the introductory class (used to be called ‘Intensive’) had to be done in person and now it is online. I feel this was the right move, because I found the Intensive and Progressive workshops pretty similar. I have a long background with meditation, so I was able to jump into his teachings very easily. For someone who has never meditated or is a novice, his teachings are still very accessible as he guides you through it very well.

      Does that help? I hope so 🙂 Thanks for asking and good luck. Please feel free to email/contact me at any time if you have more questions or want to tell me about your experience.


  4. Thanks for your post. One of his workshops is coming to my area and I was debating taking it did to the steep funds required. I haven’t read one negative post yet 🙂 In fact I met someone on a plane to Cancun who was on her way to one of his workshops, she’d taken a few and her manifesting skills were pretty good! ! She said she owed props for that. I was waiting for $!$ to fall oUT of the sky to attend, but I might just have to go out on a limb and do it. Hope your progress continues 🙂

  5. Funny I had a look at Dispenza’s work and he came across as a snake oil salesman. His science, the Physics and Neuroscience can only be described a egregious, from which he draws the conclusion that his religious beliefs in a divine intelligence is proven. The notion that neuroplastic creates a brain state that allows us to communicate with and receive our hearts desires, from a conscious, quantum field is complete nonsense.

    He is also somewhat dishonest about his qualifications, he failed his course in Biology at Rutgers University. And calling himself “Dr” is misleading when used outside his area of expertise, that is Chiropractic. The guided meditations, that i have heard, are nothing new, with a ridiculous over use of echo.

    As fro the EEG the caps and neurofeedback software can be purchased from Amazon for about $100. EEG can not be used to map the brain, if that were the case we would not have need billion dollar projects such as: https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/en_GB and http://www.humanconnectomeproject.org/.

    In my opinion the only thing to be gained from Dispenz’a work is the knowledge of how not to conduct science.

    • Hi there, well, with every level of success someone has, also comes critics. My comment is simply that after having been to all of his levels of workshops to experience them personally, and having spoken to him personally a number of times, he does a lot of good to change people in very positive ways. There are some things I really like about his teachings, and some things I don’t care to follow, but overall, he has taught me some skills that have benefited my life very positively. His teachings are part of a collection of life practices I use.

      And, of course, we all have our own beliefs.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,
      Have a wonderful day,

      • Hi Wendy,

        Thank you for the thoughtful response. Just for clarification, and leaving out his version of science, visualisation meditation and the few ideas he borrows from CBT, just what is that he’s teaching. Am I missing something in all of the obfuscation. Andy if I am missing something how much will it cost me to find out. Do I need a Joe Dispenza black out mask only $29.95?

        There are plenty of meditations available at very low cost, I could just take a stroll down to my local Buddhist Centre, or search meditation on Youtube. Just what is it that makes Dispenza’s ideas different? I just can’t see it.

      • Very good question you ask! “What makes his ideas different?”

        Here is my opinion – his ideas actually are not that unique. There are at least a few others who I’ve come across who are saying the same kind of thing – Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, etc. They each need their own way of expressing themselves and sharing what they know. Joe Dispenza has found a way to reach a fair number of the population who are seeking such changes in their lives. He does this through his approach of ‘mental rehearsal’ and his meditations, to learn how to train yourself into releasing negative thinking patterns and creating your desired life. For those that are into it, in the advanced classes he talks a lot more about interacting with the quantum field. So in short, I think he’s done an admirable job packaging and delivering it in a way that resonates with some people. But it is ‘just another way’ to achieve what many other experts are teaching. Everyone is unique and for those seeking, we are lucky to find teachers that we resonate with.

        I first heard about him through a friend of mine, who has fairly advanced MS. She was in a wheelchair about half the time, and after attending Dispenza’s second level course, she no longer needs her wheelchair. There are numerous examples of people using his method to improve health conditions. Now, of course, one can try to discredit whether Dispenza’s methods actually helped my friend, but when it comes down to it, does it really matter, since my friend is now living a fairly normal life?

        I also like some of his meditations. He does a very good job getting the listener into a solid meditative state before the actual releasing of negative emotions and new creations begin. It’s very good for people who are not used to meditation.

        Hope that helps…

    • You said: As fro the EEG the caps and neurofeedback software can be purchased from Amazon for about $100

      Can you tell me what is the name of this software? Thanks!

  6. “..My experience in life is different because of him, even though circumstances around me may not have changed. My thinking patterns are no longer negative, and I have been able to create many things in my life that I wanted by using his methods”

    Wendy, I am surprised your circumstances have not changed. After all isn’t that what anyone would expect after changing our own thinking patterns ? JD states that if we work with his methods, we can change our reality (internal and external) .

    • Hi Albert, that’s a good point you raise. To clarify, some specific, major things that used to cause me great stress have not changed, but my experience with them has changed. In other cases, some wonderful new events have occurred. My reality has indeed changed.

      I would say that JD is one of the key teachers in my life and I am grateful I have discovered him and have been able to attend his workshops.

      Thanks for writing – if you have some personal experience that you’d like to share, I’d be very happy to hear it!

      Have a wonderful day,

  7. Wendy, I agree with you, he is trying to make a change and sometimes it seems pushy, but I find him to be a kind,caring, human being, sometimes we need to be pushed a bit to get out of our comfort zone.

    • Hi Al, that’s a great perspective you have. Sometimes we need to be pushed outside of our comfort zone to grow and change. Thank you,

  8. I’am Grateful for your Honesty. I have been fortunate enough to
    be one of the lucky people in life to call you friend, and I can personally say that the transformation that has taken place and the sheer Joy you show is moving. I attended the Dispenza Seminar for a couple of personal reasons but one was simply because my love and respect of my friend who lead me there and I wanted to share in your Community and be open to what brings so much positivity to your life.

    • Thank you Grasshopper. What you said means a lot to me. I do feel like I have changed a lot in the last few years, even though previously I probably would have said that I didn’t need to change; I was doing OK. The change is a deep awareness of the appreciation of life, and continuously learning to make a bigger difference within me and around me.

      Friends like you are treasures.


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