Meditation ‘rescues’ in the most dire time

life saver

Sudhir believes meditation rescued him from a terrible fate

One of my meditation students has a surprising and fascinating story to tell about how he believes meditation saved his life. Meditation isn’t just about stress reduction.  It can lift you out of an unexpected life-challenging situation. I wish you could see and hear him tell his story in his humble and gracious way.  Please read Sudhir’s important story:

“I have an amazing story to tell.  One year ago, I was running for the bus after work, tripped, and hit my head very hard on a post.  I picked myself up and carried on as usual, but during the next 3 weeks, I experienced many strange symptoms, and eventually my mind could not even figure out how to navigate to work. 

My wife called 911 and after several hospital tests, the doctors told my wife to prepare herself that I may never return home. They said I had a brain disorder, a type of mental illness, and may not recover enough to return to my life as I knew it.  This was obviously devastating.

Somehow, I decided to practice the meditation that Wendy Quan taught me at work just a few weeks before. My colleague had encouraged me to attend the meditation class and I had only gone 3 times.  I am so thankful to had learned this, and I practiced meditation for hours in the hospital each day.  This meditation felt like a ‘rope’, the only lifeline I had to pull me out of the dark hole I was in.

3 weeks later, I was miraculously well enough to go home. The doctors wanted me to take strong medication for the rest of my life, but after 6 months, I decided I did not want to do this.  I kept meditating 20 minutes a day, and today, one year later, I feel better than I did before my accident.

I told Wendy Quan that I believe with 200% certainty that the meditation is what saved me.  I say ‘Wendy is my medicine’.  I am truly thankful for the meditation classes at work and words cannot express my gratitude.  Meditation rescued me and life has so much more meaning to me.”

Sudhir is a humble, gentle and gracious man who works in the IT field.  I am blessed and honoured to know him.

My reason for posting this is to share the knowledge of how meditation can be a very important life skill. A common misconception is that meditation is only for stress-reduction. On the contrary, it offers a multitude of benefits and having the skill of meditation can pull you out of a bind when you need help.


11 thoughts on “Meditation ‘rescues’ in the most dire time

  1. I am blessed to be connected with you Wendy. You touch many lives in your own simple way. You are an amazing person and I hope one day I can do the same to others.

    • Hi Cheryl, that is very kind of you, thank you. We each make a difference every day if we are open-hearted and compassionate to others. I feel so fortunate to have found my way to reach out to people.

      I appreciate your comment, and I wish you all the best Cheryl,

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  3. What an amazing and uplifting story to read. Many of us are extremely blessed to have Wendy in our lives- whether through being an avid reader of her blog posts, a meditation student, the blessed title of friend or family (Or all of the above!) You have opened our hearts and minds to the greatness that is within each and every one of us. This beautiful story of healing and wellness is a pure example of the gift that Wendy is.

    • Marjolaine, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so kind to write this, but I also want to say that you are a gift to those who know you. Your heart couldn’t be bigger. I am blessed to know you,

  4. Oh wow this is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing this with us. Really uplifting, I feel so Happy for him and his wife.

  5. Yes, it is an amazing story and I was lucky enough to witness it myself. I still cannot believe that this just happened. I do agree with the posting, meditation is not just for stress reduction!!! But much more

    • Hi Mauro! Yes it is an amazing story – when it happens to someone you know, it’s so real. I hope even the people reading this who don’t know Sudhir can see the significance of his experience.


  6. Our body has the capacity to heal if we are willing to do the work and have a community to support us, nice work

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