Bringing meditation into the workplace – Article #4

Change Management and meditationIn this fourth and final article telling the story of how I brought meditation and mindfulness into my workplace, I’d like to tell you how a lightbulb came on for me about change management + meditation.

I have a corporate job entitled ‘Change Manager’.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, as most people don’t either.  Change Management is a rather recently recognized profession, and it’s all about helping people and organizations through change – from a human perspective.  Given a change is going to happen in an organization, my role is to do what I can to make the transition smoother. It involves a lot of understanding the change, the culture, and anticipating what people need in order to reduce the uncertainty and fear about the change.  A formal business definition is “A systematic approach to manage the people side of change, in order to achieve the expected business outcome.”

So how does Change Management relate to meditation and mindfulness?  Surprisingly, quite a lot.

After teaching meditation in my workplace for a couple of months, something suddenly dawned on me.  Meditating regularly and being mindful of one’s thoughts and reactions builds awareness and resiliency to life’s ups and downs.

Building resiliency is one of the key benefits of practicing meditation, AND
Resiliency helps people through change!

Ah Ha!  So teaching people how to meditate and be mindful builds their personal resiliency, which helps them through change! Ah Ha!

I now have a paper published with the Association of Change Management Professionals, a worldwide organization, on my findings.  It is entitled ‘Building Change Resiliency Through Meditation and Mindfulness”.  This may seem like a pretty obscure concept, but when you think about it, meditation calms people down, it raises self-awareness and building resiliency. What better foundation for people to have as they go through change?

I feel blessed that I have been able to marry my profession (change management) with my passion (teaching meditation & mindfulness).

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2 thoughts on “Bringing meditation into the workplace – Article #4

    • Hello Ivsrao, thank you so much. I hope more workplaces discover the benefit meditation and mindfulness can bring to their people and their organization.

      All the best to you, and thank you,

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