Random acts of art

Sometimes when you open your eyes and look for something out of the ordinary, you’ll find them. I was walking along the seawall in West Vancouver here in British Columbia, and saw something glistening in the rocks.

Randomly, scattered amongst the big rocks along the water’s edge, were these random acts of mosaic art.  As I realized there were several of these along the long seawall, a passerby told me that a local man created these as a way to deal with his conditions of depression and anxiety. Normally, defacing the rocks would be illegal, but thankfully the city officials had made an exception and allowed him to do this.  They are lovely and its fun to try to spot his different creations scattered amongst the rocks.

Please enjoy…

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9 thoughts on “Random acts of art

  1. I happen to think they’re beautiful, and would delight in discovering them, but now I’m wondering – does the local agency view this as a form of artistic graffiti?

    • Hi eM, yes, I’m sure the city officials would see this as defacing public property, like graffiti. I understand why. But apparently the city did allow him to do this, as it was therapeutic to him and it is beautiful. I’m glad the city can make exceptions when it makes sense. Most of them were maintained quite well too.

      thank you and have a great day!

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