Watch strangers find meaningful connections

Do you know how you sometimes meet to a total stranger and somehow divulge your deepest thoughts even though you probably won’t ever see this person again? Spend a minute to watch the video below.

When you’re a kid, you can connect with almost anybody. But as you get older, friendships can be harder to find. SoulPancake built a fun space on a busy street corner called Chatterbox where people could take a seat and make a new friend.

Thank you to the Endless Light and Love blog for sharing this so I could discover it.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world where we could have even some meaningful encounters like this rather than ignore everyone as we walk about our day?  Try at least giving a friendly hello as you pass people on the street.


9 thoughts on “Watch strangers find meaningful connections

  1. How funny. I just tapped into Soul Pancake a few days ago for the first time and watched this exact video and it made me smile so much. The Caucasian woman and the Black girl especially. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I loved this, Wendy! And it feels good when it happens. Even as simple as a lingering look at someone when you pass them on the street means something.

    • Hi Kim, yes, it is, and it makes a difference to people. It’s so odd and unfortunate that the bigger a city is, the less personable people are.
      Thank you Kim and I wish you all the best,

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