Dr Joe Dispenza’s Vancouver workshop – my review

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza teaches us how the brain can be re-wired to create a new state of being.

It is a rare occasion that Dr. Joe Dispenza comes to Vancouver to hold a workshop.  If you aren’t familiar with his work, please see his website, and browse my previous posts that I include below.  I have attended 3 of his workshops, and I use his techniques for health and mental wellness purposes, and lowered my blood pressure.

I am not one to make recommendations lightly; anything I recommend hold strong meaning to me and others. I encouraged my friends, colleagues and blog readers to attend his ‘Intensive’ Workshop (his beginner level workshop) on Jan 19, 2013.  30 of them showed up, and left feeling moved, inspired, and excited about changing their experience of life for the better.  As I’ve talked to my friends since the workshop, they are actually practicing the techniques he taught – now THAT is amazing!  How many times do people attend workshops and nothing sustains afterwards? This shows the workshop had enough of an impact for people to actually do the ‘work’ and fit it into their lives.

The highlight of my day was actually meeting one of my blog readers at the workshop!  We had messaged back and forth via my blog since last year, had never met, and I didn’t know she was attending the workshop. She found me   🙂     A miracle.

Dr. Dispenza announced this was his last time running this Intensive workshop live like this. This came as a surprise, although I understand why as he is in such demand for his teachings. They filmed our workshop and I understand it will be made available by on-demand video. He wants to focus more on teaching the intermediate and advanced courses and go deeper in his work.

So if you find his teachings intriguing, I encourage you to find ways to learn it.  You can buy his book, CDs, (I recommend ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ and you don’t have to read his first book ‘Evolve Your Brain’ unless you care to have a deeper understanding of how the brain works), watch a variety of his videos on YouTube, or attend his workshops.

Be curious, be inspired, and I invite you to open to a way of having a happier, more meaningful life.


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6 thoughts on “Dr Joe Dispenza’s Vancouver workshop – my review

  1. Just what I was looking for. 🙂 As I’ve talked to my friends since the workshop, they are actually practicing the techniques he taught – now THAT is amazing! How many times do people attend workshops and nothing sustains afterwards?”
    I’ve read so many books, bought audio programs, etc, etc. Was debating if going to this workshop would be the same. Take it, love it, but don’t really maintain it. I actually met someone on a plane who read going to one of his workshops in Cancun, and because of the book i was reading (deepak) she thought I was going as well. This may be a workshop I am supposed to take. Was hoping to manifest the funds, but nothing my credit card can’t handle, especially if this course might make manifesting as easy as breathing. . . 😉 Well, not expecting all that, but definitely help me get to the next level. 🙂

    • Great!! Thanks for writing.
      I can absolutely understand your curiousity about whether you should attend. I had the same thoughts before the first workshop I attended. I actually had to travel from Canada to Colorado to take his first 2 workshops, so the $$ investment was not insignificant. But I have to say I’ve had no regrets travelling for all three of his workshops. I’ve adopted his teachings as part of who I am on a daily basis now, and I have seen numerous benefits without a doubt.

      Believe me, I’m not one to blindly follow someone else. His teachings resonate with me and are in line with my natural belief systems. The way he incorporates science into his teachings is something I find very important.

      Good luck to you 🙂 I suspect you’ll be very happy you took the time and spent the money.


      • Thanks Wendy! I just signed up, lecture tomorrow evening, workshop Saturday and Sunday. I need something in my life to change….I know all the rules, how the world works, even played around with it and was successful. I got lazy along the way though. I need a shove. I feel like this workshop might be able to do that for me. 🙂 I can’t wait!!

      • Great Sarandev! Good for you! I’d be interested to hear your feedback afterwards if you want to share that. I think it will be the boost you need, but allow it to be whatever it will be, specifically for you.

  2. Wendy, he was inspiring and I highly recommend him, I think meditation and connection with ourselves is the key to happiness, thanks Al

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