Mushroom wonder

Do you stop and smell the roses?  Or watch for the unusual in busy city life?  Recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we had a beautiful sunny day which had to be savoured here in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

I was strolling through a parking lot near the airport and happened to look down at the base of a street light post, and saw these amazing mushrooms growing. What a rare find!  These looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

It was extra lovely that they remained undisturbed and untouched by humankind. I discovered these are poisonous and are called ‘Amanita muscaria’.

Mushroom - Amanita muscaria

Mushroom - Amanita muscaria Mushroom - Amanita muscaria

It’s good to take time to notice what is around us, and discover the wonder in nature even within city life.  Be curious and explore the world around you with new fresh eyes.  Taking the time to give your full attention to the mushroom by studying it in detail is a form of mindful meditation.

Try this sometime outside in nature. Select something, like a single leaf, a trig from the ground, moss on a tree, a bird. Then study it without preconceptions; study it exactly as you experience it with your eyes, your hands, perhaps through smell.  Notice the details, the texture, the colour, the smells.  Open to the curiosities of something so seemingly basic yet so fascinating to study.


13 thoughts on “Mushroom wonder

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  2. wendy,
    they are so beautiful and do look like they belong in Wonderland with their lovely pink hats and white polka dots.
    your weblog is really neat. i like that you don’t identify with your disease, but the ease that it has introduced you to.

    • Hi Jackie, thank you so much for your comments on my blog. You are the first one who has commented that I don’t identify myself with the cancer, thank you for noticing that. I don’t define myself with it, but I do ‘thank’ it for changing my life for the better.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I wish you a wonderful day,

  3. Another thing to be aware of is the sky. Watching the constant dance of clouds and various forms of precipitation, as well as the stars and moon at night. A long time ago, I used to ask people things like, “did you notice the clouds this morning?” or “did you see the moon rising last night?” and the answer was always no, often accompanied by looks from people like I was insane for even asking, so I stopped talking about these kinds of things and just keep them to myself now, but I still watch the sky every day. I always have.

    • Yes, I do look at the clouds often, and especially if I’m feeling ‘off’ or stressed, it helps me regain perspective. That’s going to be a blog post at some point 🙂 I haven’t intentionally watched for the rising moon, though.
      And yes, sometimes I find I’d prefer to keep things to myself too 😉

    • Hi Smilecalm, well you are still alive and well, so it’s obviously not too dangerous. Have a look at the comment Luke made – it’s interesting!
      Have a wonderful day,

  4. They say they are poisonous but monks have been using them for years. They make you puke at first but then they are said to give you a buzz. People take them in small doses and they act like a energy drink.

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