A meditation: Connect with your higher self

I’d like to share a simple yet meaningful meditation with you. Some people who understand the myth about the so-called Mayan ‘end of the world’ on Dec 21, 2012, realize that this period is about a shift of consciousness or spiritual transformation. This meditation goes nicely with this time we are in right now.

This is a meditation that Kelly Howell (meditation teacher, spiritual guide, author)  shared recently in her newsletter.

Root chakraMeditation:  Connect with your higher self

Breathe slowly and deeply letting your body relax and soften. Become aware of your energy body. Notice how far it expands beyond your physical body. Spend a little time bathing in the light of your energy body. Then imagine a radiant sphere of violet light about three feet above your head. This radiant sphere is your higher self.  And now imagine a chord of light reaching down from your higher self to your first chakra.

Let the violet light begin to pool and expand into your hips, spreading out into a wider place within yourself. Opening you to experience the full expression of your being, your purest essence. Open up to this magnificent energy that holds all that you are, all that you have ever been and all that you will be. You are on a journey toward becoming more of you. This light, this energy is always with you, always present. 

I hope you enjoy this meditation,


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