Today: Join the world in 1 Billion Oms

1_billion_OMsDecember 21, 2012 from 10:30pm-10:33pm (Pacific Standard Time).  Something amazing is happening today. 

What would happen if a Billion people were all unified in meditation, prayer, and celebration through a single sound vibration at the same time?

For 3 minutes, simultaneously in the world, people are joining in to chant OM. See the One Billion Oms site.  If you want to participate, look up your time zone and join in!  I personally can’t wait!  Join me and the world.

Today is the day that some people have heard the misunderstood ‘ending of the world’ according to the Mayan calendar.  Some people understand it to be a shift in consciousness, that’s not happening only in one day, but over a period of time, and it’s already been happening.

We are still here, and let’s be curious to see if we feel a shift in consciousness – be still, silent and observe.

Om to you and for all,


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