Did you join the world in 1 Billion Oms?

One Billion OmsI just finished participating in the worldwide ‘1 Billion Oms’ for 3 minutes. People could chose to chant ‘Om’, be silent and observe, pray or meditate for planetary peace, or open their hearts to compassion.


Sadhguru, Founder of the Isha Foundation in India.

There was a webcast of Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, just before the 3 minutes began, but most of his webcast didn’t transmit presumably because of the billion people hitting the website at the same time.

If you participated, did you experience anything in particular?  I must say that I did. Even minutes before it started, I felt my heartbeat strongly throughout my body, and a vibration around me.

Whether you felt something or not, isn’t this just a neat idea to bring together people around the world at the same time, setting the intention for world compassion and peace?  We probably all agree that the world really needs this right now.



2 thoughts on “Did you join the world in 1 Billion Oms?

  1. Yes, I felt it! I did a little meditative breathing and said OM for a while. I felt uplifted somehow, and then the tears just started flowing of their own volition. Quite something,

    • Hi Barb! Lovely! It’s something to get so many people simultaneously radiating the same, peaceful intention. We can feel it if we know how to pay attention. That is so nice that you felt that. Now, perhaps when you feel this again, you’ll know there are others out there coming together as one.
      Thanks for sharing!

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