Yoga can heal – watch this unforgettable story

Did you know yoga can heal physically and spiritually?  Thanks to a wonderful blogger, ‘Downward facing Doc’ (a unique and special physician with spirit whom I follow online), I learned of this captivating 5 minute video.

After just spending 2 weeks in Sedona, Arizona, I had so many incredible experiences, some of which I will share with you over the coming weeks and months. Discovering the true nature of yoga was one of the most enlightening experiences I had.  Here in western society, we are mostly exposed to the ‘physical’ aspects of yoga, and haven’t much tapped into the ‘spiritual’ aspects of yoga. Yoga is powerful in ways most of us do not yet know.

Please see this amazing video of Gulf War vet, Arthur, who returned home injured, and could not walk unassisted. The doctors told him he would never walk again unassisted.  He lost his zest for life, and look how yoga has given him back his will to live and the joy for life. He has videoed his journey to share with the world.

Discover the power of yoga to heal the body, mind and spirit.


3 thoughts on “Yoga can heal – watch this unforgettable story

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I am planning to start yoga soon (New Year’s resolution), and I have been researching and looking for blogs to follow. I’m looking for the spiritual, healing yoga & blogs & not the “exercise” types. This video is great motivation for the future. Thanks again!

    • Hi Mandy! I’m glad you found this post. It is so inspiring. I have also discovered spiritual/healing yoga. It is quite different from western physical yoga and it feeds the soul. If you ever get to Sedona, Arizona, visit ‘7 Centers Yoga Arts’ – it is a lovely spiritual yoga studio that feels almost like an ashram.
      Thank you for writing!

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