Bringing meditation into the workplace – Article #2

real life benefits of meditationIn this second article telling the story of how I brought meditation and mindfulness into my workplace, I’d like to share some tangible results from real people taking my meditation classes at work.

Please look at this survey question I asked about stress. Notice that the number of people who said they had ‘High’ ability to handle stress tripled after taking meditation classes at work. Also, see that the ‘Low’ responses almost disappeared after taking meditation classes.

I also asked a similar question about their personal resiliency and the results were nearly identical.

Isn’t it just amazing how meditation clearly helps people? Doesn’t it simply make sense to bring meditation into the workplace when you see such results?  We all know that if we can handle stressful situations better, we feel better and perform better in life and at work.  When an employer endorses meditation in the workplace, it shows that they care about the well-being of their staff.

There are so many benefits of meditation, including stress reduction and increased personal resiliency.  Although there are other great health & wellness modalities common in the workplace today, such as yoga, I believe that meditation and mindfulness helps people build resiliency and gives them important skills they can use during the day, not just while in class. Also, there are many people who would not attend a yoga class but who would be willing to sit still and quietly in a meditation class.

Stay tuned to for my next article on this subject that will share feedback from these same folks.

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3 thoughts on “Bringing meditation into the workplace – Article #2

  1. Wow! The benefits can’t be any more obvious than in your graph. For anyone sitting on the fence about meditation, this may encourage them to give it a try! It’s wonderful how you’ve introduced meditation to your workplace.
    I’m going through many changes in my life at the moment and I’m coping better than I ever have. I wondered if I’m in some kind of healthy denial (hee hee), but I truly bellieve it’s the benefits of meditation.

    • Hi Kim, what a lovely testament to how you have empowered yourself and have discovered the great value of meditation. You have been through a lot, and you are inspiring.

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