Celebrating my 1 year blogging anniversary!

buddha in the city

Finding joy in a busy life.
Keep the noise of life behind you to cultivate joy and peace in your life.

Wow, I just realized my blog is a year old!  What a journey this has been and I thank you for reading my blog.  Your comments and encouragement are my joy.

When my meditation students encouraged me to start blogging last year, I thought, ‘Who, Me?’  I used to consider myself a fairly private person, but I see that I’ve changed in recent years. I have always enjoyed meaningful conversations with people but the cancer diagnosis of 2010 somehow has elevated this meaningfulness to greater heights. If I can help people discover more joy in their lives, my purpose in life is being fulfilled.

After all, what is life about?  To me, it’s about the moment-by-moment experience of life and having quality connections with people that mean something.

Run for the Cure

Run for the Cure – creating a future without breast cancer

I am doing the Run for the Cure this weekend (to raise money for breast cancer research). It is always a time of reflection and emotion for me.  Such a synchronicity that my blog is 1 year old at the time of this event.

My sincerest thanks to you for reading.


14 thoughts on “Celebrating my 1 year blogging anniversary!

  1. I want to say thank you. It is you that has enriched my life. Your openness and compassion for others is truly amazing. I am constantly amazed by you and could not imagine my life without you in it my friend. I draw on your strength and bravery that you have consistently showed during and since you survived cancer. As we have discussed the season,reason and lifetime concept, you are a lifetime friend. Congratulations to a well deserving outright wonderful person.

    • Grasshopper, such a heartfelt sentiment is truly touching to me. This blog has been an outlet to help me feel like ‘me’. There is so much to say, so much to share. You are a grasshopper in some ways but a great teacher and master in other ways. Thank you for making my day, making my week, and making my life better.

  2. Wendy,

    Happy birthday!

    I too have been amazed by the intimacy and openness that has arisen in my connections with other writers in the “blog world.” It’s a good thing.

    Keep on. Good work here.


  3. Congratulations Wendy! I’m so glad you’ve found this way to connect with others. It’s definitely a win/win for us all! All the best this weekend. You will make lots of connections there!

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