Self-healing with sound and music

self healing CD

A most amazing find

I’m sure there are times you turn on your favourite music because you simply know you will feel better.  Music can raise our moods, but did you know that music can heal?

When I was recovering during my cancer experience, I was lucky enough to stumble across a music CD called Self-healing with sound and music.  I listened to this daily, sometimes several times per day, and when I did, it felt like I was in a different world – a world of healing.  When your mind is in a state of healing, your body can heal faster.


A random act of didgeridoo that I came across while in Boulder, Colorado. Very cool!

Dr. Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem made this 2 disc CD. The first CD explains why certain sounds have an impact on health and healing, and the second CD has a collection of various songs, mostly instrumental, nature sounds and one has a lovely repetition of the ‘Om Mani Padme Hum‘ mantra.  The didgeridoo, a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians about 1,500 years ago, is used in one of the pieces and is simply amazing to hear.

Whenever I feel like zoning out and getting into a deep relaxation state, I still play this CD.  I have loaned it to my dear friend who was recovering from surgery, and he reports the same love for this CD.  This is not a typical compilation of sleepy, boring music. This honestly gives the feeling of healing the body and spirit.

This CD gets top marks from me!


8 thoughts on “Self-healing with sound and music

  1. Thank you so much for this recommendation, Wendy. Always looking for new music and hadn’t heard of this. I’d like to recommend one of my favourite CD’s for healing and easy listening -Snatam Kaur’s Live in Concert. Ong Namo is one of her most popular hits. It begins with the lyrics: “The rain is pouring down, like all the souls You send here. Coming to this Earth, to find healing…..” Quite lovely!

  2. I can truly say that this is one of the best combinations of music I now own. I take advantage of it many time a month. I use it to simply get recharged, more focussed on what is present. I used it all through my first week of healing after surgery and I slept so well. One happy and healed Grasshopper.

  3. Saw these players when I visited my daughter in Boulder. That street (walking only) is the most interesting and is forever changing (the groups to see and hear) through out the day. Going to check out that CD. I have others by Weil. It is a total body scan/meditation healing subject matter.

    • Hi Barbara! that’s neat that you saw these musicians in Boulder too. They are on Pearl Street, which is one of my favourite places ever. The street is beautiful and has a lovely energy, full of unique boutiques, restaurants and some interesting spiritual stores. My all-time favourite store is called ‘Lighthouse bookstore’ and it’s underground. They sell an amazing collection of unique books, spiritual decor and jewellery.

      One of the reasons I like this CD is because it’s not a typical collection of sleepy music. It really has interesting sounds that seem to get deep into your being.

      Have a wonderful day, Barbara! Love hearing from you…

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