Do you know what this is?


A curious creature to marvel at

Being a self-proclaimed city-girl, I admit I don’t get out into nature too often.

Here’s something I came across and stopped to spend probably over 10 minutes marveling at.  Do you know what it is? I discovered this little creature, about 2 inches in diameter, lying there in the wet sand.

Did you guess?  — It is a jellyfish.  There were several of them, scattered around the beach glistening in the sun.

It’s wonderful to see something rather foreign and mysterious like this.

Taking the time to stop and truly look at something with new eyes, with curiosity, with wonderment is calming and uplifting.  Even taking a moment to look at a houseplant you have in your home can be fascinating.  Some of you are now thinking ‘do you mean my dried up sickly houseplant!?’…  yes, even that.  Study its colours, textures, new growth, dying parts.  Realize that every moment, this object changes. Take a moment in your day to be mindful – study something you may see every day without judgment. Just observe.


11 thoughts on “Do you know what this is?

  1. Such beautiful creatures! What a poignant reminder to take the time to be in the moment and truly SEE what is there in front of you…..Thank you for sharing a lovely part of nature with us Wendy!

  2. Love the idea of observing a houseplant (or jellyfish). Jon Kabat Zinn talked for several minutes on one of his CD’s about observing and mindfully eating a raisin!! A lovely lesson for those who are open to it.
    As always – thank you, Wendy!

    • Hi Kim! Yes, the raisin exercise is quite remarkable. When I did it for the first time, the flavour was so intense I could hardly stand it! The idea is to practice being fully mindful, using all your senses to experience the raisin. Thanks for the comment! It’s always lovely to hear from you Kim,

  3. Nice one Wendy. I was working on my Bonsai this morning, clipping etc…. and you can’t help but be lost in time. I was completely absorbed. One with the plant you might say. I am ready to take on the day now.

    • Ah, ‘one with the plant’. Lovely! A bonsai is particularly wonderful – I’m sure you are being quite mindful with it because you have to watch it and care for it.
      Have a great day, Grasshopper!

  4. OK, to look at… do not touch! It is not something you want to come in contact with in the water either. I cannot help to marvel at them when I do see them on the beach. They are incredible to see… even in the water (from a distance!)

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