Deep thinkings


Curiosity and exploration breeds meaning and awareness

I just came across a blog that really made me stop and say ‘wow’.

Here is a 14 year old boy who is passionately exploring the wonders of living.  He writes this blog ‘Deep Thinkings‘. Read his ‘About Me’, then click ‘Home’ to read his posts. I think you will marvel that this is written by a 14 year old young man.

All I can say is I wish I had his passion and insight years ago; he already has this at such a young age and he is not afraid to explore and openly discuss it. Have a look at his blog and perhaps you will marvel, as I did.  He’s found the key – to explore and marvel at life.


6 thoughts on “Deep thinkings

  1. Oh my, I’m blushing now. I don’t even know what to say right now… this is the highest praise I can receive from anyone, all I can say is thanks. Random acts of kindness like these give me a more positive view of humanity, so thank you for brightening this day for me in so many ways.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

    • mrprose, you are so very welcome! I’m glad you got a chance to see the post I did for you. You are an inspiration at 14, and I can tell that you will continue to be an inspiration in the many years to come. Continue on your quest and persevere through the bumps in the road that you will no doubt encounter. Life isn’t always filled with constant joy, that’s for sure, but certainly it is filled with wonder and good for you for being awake and aware to explore.

      I look forward to following you and thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives,

      • You’re turning into an inspiration for me! I hope I do continue on my journey of growth, and believe me, lately I have been getting hit hard with new things, and I just have to feel them. Thanks again!

      • Hi mrprose… what a great attitude you have. Life will throw us all kinds of curve balls, that’s for sure. These become our experiences and help us grow. Also, it’s interesting that as we grow as human beings, we have more and more experiences under our belts, and often can look back and at others and see that some things just aren’t such a big deal afterall! It’s a matter of perspective; how we choose to see things, and how choose to react to and deal with things.

        You are 14 years old and are filled with insight more than most people have in their entire lifetime. Treasure that, marvel at that, and enjoy the journey. You have your eyes awake. Good for you.


  2. You said it, Wow!! My goodness he’s a remarkable person and a beautiful mind! At that age, the most serious thing I thought about were my grades at school. Which I did to make my parents (and God) happy. The rest of my time was taken up doing pretty goofy stuff with my friends. I’m grateful though.
    Thank you for sharing his blog. It’s inspiring!

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