Blood pressure is still controlled – without meds!

blood pressureSome of you may remember that back in May 2012, I happily reported that I discontinued my blood pressure medication after 17 years by using a meditation technique to naturally lower my BP.

Well, I often get asked if my BP is still OK – I’m even happier to report that it is!

Skeptical that the meditation technique worked?  I don’t blame you.  I would be.  Read about it here.  Simply put, you feel and believe in your body as if you already have low blood pressure. Personally, I visualize and feel my veins and arteries opening up wider, allowing my blood to flow easily. I ‘feel’ having a healthy body.

Here is a sampling of my typical blood pressure readings over the past 3 months, without any medication:

  • 102/75
  • 123/83
  • 118/77

When I am feeling stressed, my readings can jump to 135/95 or so.  Here is specifically what I do to get it back down. I do some or all of these, depending on how much time I have:

  1. The Dispenza meditation as described in my previous post.
  2. Rhythmic, slow breathing.  Regulating your breath so your inhalation and exhalation are of equal durations calms your body, and gets your heart rhythm patterns into an optimal state – this is called ‘coherence’.   Long ago, I had purchased a product from the Heart Math Institute that teaches you how to breathe well and gives feedback on your level of coherence. One of the many health results is lowered blood pressure. I believe teaching your body this breathing technique has many physiological benefits. I rarely need to use the product anymore as I know how to do this on my own at will.

I also eat very well – mostly a plant-based, whole-foods diet, as I learned from the ‘Forks Over Knives’ documentary.  I would say I’m ‘mostly vegetarian’ but certainly am not a purist about it. I just feel better knowing that I’m taking care of my body nutritionally.

If you are curious about my level of exercise, it’s not great, but it’s OK. I do regular walking, yoga and pilates.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there.  Blood pressure can be naturally lowered – I’m living proof.   😮


4 thoughts on “Blood pressure is still controlled – without meds!

    • Thank you Arjuna, you’re right on! People who learn to meditate do know the benefits, and you can only know these if you’ve done it and stuck with it for a little while. In my travels, I see that so many people don’t understand what meditation is, or believe myths, so automatically turn away from it. I realize it is not for everyone, but there is a vast majority who could love it if they gave it a try to learn it well from a guided instructor.

      Thanks so much for your comment :o)

  1. I recent;y did Dr. Joea 3 day seminar, excellent, he says are you willing to do the work? You obviously are, great job, al

    • Hi Al, that is correct – a technique only works if people truly ‘do the work’. I should mention that I didn’t have to spend 1 or 2 hours/day doing the meditation. I probably did it on average 3-4 times/week for about 30-75 minutes. However, since I am already a seasoned meditator, it came easily to me. I wish everyone had the time to give it a good try, because the outcome is remarkable.


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