Beauty is everywhere, you just need to look

In our busy western society lives, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day busy-ness, get frustrated with your commute to work, or worry about your finances.

Although ‘functional thought’ is of value (when you spend time planning and problem-solving), it’s good to stop yourself many times throughout the day to just notice and find beauty that is around you.

Maybe it’s pausing to admire a colourful ceramic mosaic pattern in the sidewalk and wonder what the person’s story is who put it there, or maybe it’s noticing a flower that you didn’t think grew in your climate, or marveling at a pile of rocks you happen to come across.

mosaic columbine rocks

Boost your day by taking notice of things around you that you normally miss.

One of my favourite things to do is to look up into the sky and watch the clouds dance and flow. It grounds me, and reminds me of perspective – that the world is huge and much of my day-to-day worries are small.


2 thoughts on “Beauty is everywhere, you just need to look

  1. Oh Wendy this is a good one. Each morning with Breakfast in hand I come and sit at the computer to see what wonderful blog has been written and I always take a moment to marvel at the river and the mountains outside my window. I always step out and check the plants on the balcony and take in all I can before heading off to work. There are definitely some days that I need this much more than others as does everyone. So thank you for todays blog.

    • Hi Grasshopper,
      I thank you for your encouraging comment. Writing a blog can be uncertain – sometimes I think: does anyone really care what I write? The reason I write is to share what I find interesting and joyful. It helps to keep me in perspective, and I hope that it serves to spark thought, introspection and more meaning in life for those who may read it.

      I treasure your input.

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