Be impressed by the Boeing factory tour

Here’s a good way to find joy in a western society lifestyle . . . to marvel at something that is probably taken for granted – air travel.  I just visited the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour in Everett, Washington, which is just north of Seattle. In this assembly factory, they make the 747-8, 767, 777 and the newest design 787 Dreamliner.  I cannot begin to describe the enormity of this facility where you see these massive technological miracles being assembled before your eyes.

Here are some amazing facts to marvel at:

  • This factory is the biggest building in the world by volume:  472,000,000 cubic square feet
  • Doorways to the building are each over 300 feet long, bigger than a football field.  It takes over 4 minutes just to open the doors.
  • The facility employs 35,000 employees.
  • The 747-8 is 250 feet long, longer than the initial Wright brother’s flight which was only 120 feet!
  • 787 Dreamliner – their newest design, made out of composite material that is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel, and flexible. In a stress test, the wings were bent upwards to meet above the fuselage without any structural damage.
  • The cost of these planes range from about $280 million to $350 million, and for a 747-8 it takes 1 full year from the date of order to delivery of the plane to the customer.
  • The paint alone adds between 800 – 1200 pounds to the weight of the plane. Many customers try to select light colours in order to reduce the paint weight as darker colours are heavier with more pigment.

Unfortunately they don’t allow any cameras on the tour itself, so I can only share with you some photos from the display gallery and outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have a new respect for these commercial jets.


4 thoughts on “Be impressed by the Boeing factory tour

  1. Your tour sounds amazing and all the good that Boeing is doing to improve air travel. I didn’t know about the darker side of Boeing either. Although, I’m sure they view it in the way that they are helping to protect their country and other countries of the world. It’s all perspective. Thanks, Wendy! Have a great day!

  2. Boeing also makes fighter aircraft, bombers, drones, missiles, bombs, laser weapons, spy aircraft, and surveillance systems – but they hide that from the public.

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