Be inspired to live life. Read Kim’s story.

Kim Calabrigo

Kim Calabrigo (second from the left), an inspiring person to learn from.

My journey as a cancer survivor continues to be enhanced as I meet amazing people like Kim Calabrigo.

Kim had Stage 3 colon cancer, and not only has beat the cancer, but has journeyed through it all by adopting a whole-person care lifestyle like me.

Kim wrote a very open and touching account of her journey and I want to share this with you.  Please take a moment to read Kim’s story.  I hope it will give you a sense of what it is like to go through the cancer experience, face some of the hardships and emotions, and have the grace and determination to thrive and succeed.

If you have cancer, ever get cancer, or know someone who has it, learn about InspireHealth in Vancouver, Victoria & Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada. People travel from out of the province to attend InspireHealth’s programs.


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