What if I no longer …

what ifThis simple tip can change your state of being. When you are chronically stressing over something often, and doing it without much awareness, it creates a state of being that is not pleasant.   It overtakes much of your life, as you repeat the same worries and emotions. It can really bring you down.

This is the tip – ask yourself:  ‘What if I no longer ….?’

Then finish the sentence stating what you are emotionally stressing about. 

Here are some examples:

  • ‘What if I no longer worried about whether my co-workers are talking behind my back?’
  • ‘What if I no longer let my mom’s criticism bother me?’
  • ‘What if I no longer spent so much time hating my job?’
  • ‘What if I no longer told myself that I don’t look good enough?’
  • ‘What if I no longer felt the guilt of my break-up?’

By asking yourself this type of question, you challenge yourself to think differently, and can make a conscious decision to be different.  This lets you choose a different perspective.  Realize that you have a choice about how you react to and think about everything in life — think about this for a moment — realize you have a choice in how you react and think.  You really do.

This does not mean you stop caring and do not deal with things in your life, but it does mean that you can consciously choose not to stress over it.  Make a distinct, conscious choice – feel the choice in your body. Make the choice real. Make it memorable.

After asking yourself your chosen question, think about what life would be like if you decided to think differently:

  • How would you feel?
  • How would you act?
  • How would you be experiencing life differently?

This is an action that can really make a difference to your happiness in life.  You can free yourself from many worries. But you can’t do it if you continue to have the attitude of ‘but I can’t stop thinking this way, it’s too hard to change.’

I have been tormenting myself lately with a self-inflicted worry, and remembered to use this technique. It immediately lifted the weight off me and I’ve been feeling better ever since.


3 thoughts on “What if I no longer …

  1. Another good question to ask yourself is “why is this bothering me in the first place?” – sometimes when you pull back the curtain and closely examine these things you realize it is based on a belief that isn’t actually true or it is a learned pattern of reaction.

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