Where is the good in the Colorado theatre shooting?

Last week, since I heard the news of the horrifying killings in a Colorado movie theatre, I cannot help but try to make sense of it. I am one who intentionally does not watch the news but since this is such a major story, it’s hard to avoid the aftermath of it.

I just saw an article about how gun sales have surged 25%-43% in the U.S. because people want to protect themselves and think that the government will increase anti-gun legislation.  Looking at how such a tragedy causes the growth of more guns is really disturbing.

My blog is about sharing ways to cultivate joy in a western society lifestyle.  I’m honestly struggling to find the joy somewhere in this situation. Perhaps it will help some people awaken to the preciousness of life. Most people are unaware of the value of life and live in auto-pilot mode, or sweat the small stuff. Usually a personal tragedy of some kind, like a serious health diagnosis, losing a loved one, watching the devastation of a tsunami, or maybe this terrible shooting will awaken some. Perhaps its about the compassion that swells for the victims and their loved ones that are suffering in unspeakable ways.

This is a difficult post to write. Perhaps you can help by commenting on what good can come from this tragedy.

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “Where is the good in the Colorado theatre shooting?

  1. Wendy,
    I’m in totally agreement with you, that a tragedy like this really shakes us up. Perhaps I’m an optimist, but as painful as it is, I see that an event like this has the potential to help those who are open to inquiry – to help make sense of a world full of madness.
    By taking the time to stop, reflect, feel and discuss; then the wisdom of the moment may be gained. Otherwise we may likely follow the collective conditioning and choose to arm ourselves with denial (or guns) instead of revealling another way to engage when madness is afoot.
    Perhaps the goodness is the ability to awaken and enquire within ourselves – allowing ourselves to observe kindly and reflect on own dark tendencies. If we isolate and deny ourselves loving contact… it much easier to participate in a delusional reality.
    Thank you for your post.

    • Hi Denise,
      Wonderful of you to contribute to this. I appreciate what you have said about opening ourselves up to inquiry. We all have our darkness sometimes and we need to be aware of this.
      Thank you so much,

  2. Wendy, it is a most difficult subject indeed. We were robbed almost two years ago. My husband came home as it was in progress and he became enraged. Afterwards he was shaking as he pondered a different ending (they dropped all ran) if one of them had a gun. This event has totally change our lives. Would I feel safer if I owned a gun? What is the guarantee that I could get possession of the weapon when I needed it? A younger person could easily overpower me and get possession of the gun.

    There are no real solutions to this. My husband says guns are for killing. Others say it is the people who kill, not the guns. We have an increase of drive by shootings happening in our area and unfortunately children have been shot during during these events. Why? To show ‘ownership’ of the territory? To show power over another? It does not make sense.

    I do not think that the youth are aware of the finality of such an act. They are becoming immune to violence through the video games, movies and television shows. There is no option for ‘returning to life’ so one can try again!

    • Hi Barbara, I’m so glad to hear that your story turned out that way it did. Thanks for sharing this. I agree that there is too much senseless violence in video games, movies and TV, and it does influence some.
      Thanks so much for contributing to this discussion.

  3. the past is history, future is mystery, and today a gift, maybe to show us how we must live this day as if it it is our last, we just do not know what is going to happen

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